First thing you need to do is:

  1. Set new goals

Most important thing you can do is set career goals for yourself that you want to accomplish this year. Want to be promoted to manager? Then keep an eye out for leadership opportunities and focus on activities that will help you attain these goals.

  1. Know the playbook

I’m not talking about your ol’ high school football playbook, take a look at your sales materials and freshen up on the packages you’re trying to sell. Many times we go into cruise control or focus on one area which narrows our focus and sometimes leads to missed opportunities.

  1. Refresh your marketing materials

It’s probably a good time to take a walk down the hallway from your cubicle and pay the marketing department a visit. Often times the marketing department has changed something or created new, fresh material for the sales department. You want to make sure you’re sending your prospects the correct material.

  1. Take a look back on your W’s & L’s from this past year

When looking back on these you need to be asking yourself questions, such as:

  • What do my wins/losses have in common with the other wins and losses?
  • Is there any common behavior/pattern?
  • Are there any sales techniques that worked? If so, how do I improve on them

The more you understand your own wins and losses, the better you can become as a sales guy.

  1. Clean out the pipeline

Been working on deal that’s been going nowhere for the past half year? Might be time to toss it. Got a prospect that wants to buy season tickets but wants every promotional item for free or free parking? Throw that lead into the trashcan. Every deal that you know deep down isn’t going to close or won’t in the next 2 weeks, you need to ditch so that you get a clear view of how you’re really doing.

  1. Reach out to your corporate accounts now

You already know working with corporate account or large companies (whale accounts) that it takes an army to approve a purchasing decision. It’s best to get in early and start setting up call back dates, get material in front of them, and edging out your competition. Don’t forget you’re not the only fisherman on this wharf.

  1. Go back into the dark

Go back through your CRM or lead cards and find the ones that went “dark”. You know the ones…. It’s hard to get ahold of them, or you always get the call back, or you simply leave a hundred voicemails. It’s time to give these folks one more try and reach out. The end of the year can sometimes become busy for everyone involved and certain things get tossed to the side. You never know, doesn’t hurt to try and if nothing comes of it you can toss the lead.

  1. Ask for referrals

Give all of your clients a call and ask them 3 things:

  • How were your holidays?
  • Are you happy with your purchase?
  • And do you have anyone who might be interested in seat next to yours?

It shows you care about em’ and they might have a sale for you.

  1. Practice your sales pitch

Practice, practice, practice! Can’t say this enough. The more you know your material and sales pitch like the back of your hand the more success you will have. Ask your manager or co-workers to help out and listen to one or two of your sales pitches. Then ask for feedback, it’s like watching film a week before the big game.

  1. Organize

Clean out your CRM, emails, leads lists/cards, desk, marketing materials, phone, paperwork, binders, calendars, and computer.

Cluttered work = Cluttered brain = Less sales


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