It’s a great time to be a hockey player.  Now more than ever, there are more off-ice hockey training aides available for players than ever before so that they can practice and hone their skills away from the rink, without the expensive costs.

Most of these products are Amazon Prime eligible too, meaning that you don’t have to go out and get them. With a couple of clicks, you can have an entire hockey training skills facility dropped off on your doorstep so that you can waste less time building and more time trying to get to juniors, college, or the NHL.

15 Off-Ice Hockey Training Aides To Help You Develop Your Skills

smarthockey stick handling training ball best off-ice hockey training products

Do you love stick handling but can’t stand it when the puck bounces all over the place when you’re off of the ice? Have no worries – the Smarthockey Stick Handling Ball has you covered.  This hard PVC stick handling ball is the most popular hockey training ball in the world because it mimics the exact same weight, bounce, height contact on your blade, and slide as a puck on the ice.

With its patented 2-piece dynamic core technology, the Smarthockey Ball replicates an amazing feel that will keep you practicing for hours.  Since they are the same weight and feel as a puck, they can also be used of shooting and passing on smooth surfaces.  However you want to train, this ball will accompany you and perform better on the pavement than any other ball on the market today. (They also make a puck, too.)

hockey stick handling attack triangle best off-ice hockey training productsWhat fun is stick handling if you don’t have a defender to practice dangling on? Now you do with the Sniper’s Edge Attack Triangle stick handling hockey training aides.  Made out of a light & portable PVC, the Attack Triangle is the perfect companion for the hockey player that likes to train on their own.

The setup of the Attack Triangle mimics a defender’s feet and stick on the ice as if they were defending against you from a static position.  At your own creativity, you can dangle, dip, toe drag, and juke your way around this obstacle as fast as you can to help improve your hand speed and wrist strength.  Whether you’re on or off the ice, you will get the same performance from the Attack Triangle, making it one of the best hockey training aides for the players that like to practice puck handling by themselves.

plastic puck shooting pad best off-ice hockey training products

Shooting is one of the most important skills that a young hockey player can develop.  If you want to develop a quick release like Sidney Crosby or a heavy shot like Alex Ovechkin, you have to practice shooting pucks. However, ice time can be expensive and getting over to the rink to just practice shooting is a major hassle.

With the Sniper’s Edge Shooting Pad, you don’t have to worry about working on practicing your shot on a quality surface. Available in sizes from 24″ x 48″ to 30″ x 60″, the Sniper’s Edge Shooting Pad has a size for hockey players of all ages to practice both their stick handling and their shot. This high-quality shooting pad simulates real on-ice puck action and its heavy duty material won’t crack from practicing your slap shots.

hockey stick handling training device best off-ice hockey training productsIf you want to develop blazing fast hands that will give you the ability to stick handle in a phone booth, you have to practice your skills in tight spaces.  That’s what the Hockey Revolution Stick Handling Training Aide allows with it’s multiple hinges, allowing you to manipulate the device to create a variety of stick handling exercise.

This versatile stick handling device will allow you to practice your hands in a wide range of scenarios so that you can stick handle with the best of them. Included with the Hockey Revolution Stick Handling Training Aid are a Swedish stick handling ball and compatibility with the Hockey Revolution Training App, which will guide you through a variety of different stick handling exercises.

hockey puck passing device best off-ice hockey training products

Just like shooting, passing is an important skill to be an elite player.  Actually, passing might just be the most underrated skill that an elite player can have when it comes to the puck. Just like the Stick Handling Aid, Hockey Revolution offers hockey players a Puck Passing Aid that teaches players how to give and receive proper passes.

It’s never been easier for hockey players to practice their forehand passes, backhand passes and one-timers away from the rink with the Hockey Revolution Passing Aide.  What’s great about this hockey training product is that it come with two fixed screws that allow it to anchor down to the Hockey Revolution Shooting Pad and 6 Velcro stickers to attach the Passing Aide to other training devices.  Combined with the Shooting Pad, the Passing Aide makes a phenomenal training tool for players that want to practice their passing, stick handling, and shooting through the hockey revolution training app.

hockey puck shooting targets best off-ice hockey training productsIf you’re going to work on the accuracy of your shot, then you need to make sure that you have a target that you’re trying to hit. Now, you can create a purposeful shooting session with the Hockey Revolution 6-piece Shooting Targets.  These targets are vital hockey training aides for hockey players that want to develop a more accurate shot.

The targets are very durable and portable, and they only take a couple of minutes to set up on whatever size goal you may have. The set includes six targets in total and also works with the Hockey Revolution training app to tell you which corners you need to pick in a customized training session. If you’re shooting by yourself, these targets will serve as purposeful hockey training aides because they allow you to work on your shot accuracy.

sweet hockey weighted stick handling ball best off-ice hockey training productsPuck protection requires a lot of core, leg, and shoulder strength so that you don’t get knocked off of the puck. A hockey player can have quick hands, but they also have to be strong on the corners when protecting the puck so that they don’t go 200 feet back down to the other end of the rink. The Sweet Hockey Muscle Stick Handling Ball allows hockey players to develop strength needed to protect the puck and be strong on their stick.

But keep in mind – the Sweet Hockey Muscle Ball is not for developing super quick hands. This thing is heavy. So if you want to develop quickness, you should be using a Smarthockey Ball, a Green Biscuit, or a golf ball. This Muscle Ball is useful as well because it helps develop strength in the shoulders, core, legs, and wrists because of its heavy weight.  If you’re looking for some hockey training aides to help you get stronger on the puck, then you can’t go wrong with these.

ezgoal portable hockey goal best off-ice hockey training products

Want to practice your shot every day and have a hockey net available when you want to play a game with your friends? The EZGoal Folding Professional Hockey Goal combines training and portability into one of the most vital hockey training aides for a hockey player’s development.

You can’t practice your shot or your scoring moves if you don’t have a net, and this collapsible, durable setup will allow for purposeful practice while keeping the house safe. This curved, professional style frame is made up of 18 gauge steel frame 2″ powder coated pipes along with a 10′ x 6′ backstop that helps keep ricochet pucks from hitting your garage and home.

The best part about the EzGoal Folding Professional Goal is that despite being a high quality net, its lightweight and folds away for minimal storage so that you can put it back in your garage after you’re done. And, this full regulation sized goal comes equipped with four target pockets so that you can practice your shooting with some purpose.

green biscuit training puck best off-ice hockey training productsAnother puck handling device that has stormed on the scene in the last 10 years much like the Smarthockey Ball is the Green Biscuit Training Puck.  Unlike the Smarthockey Ball, the Green Biscuit doesn’t forego the original shape of a puck and performs extremely well on traditional surfaces (driveways, paved streets, tennis courts, etc.).

Designed by a former NHL hockey player, the Green Biscuit’s unique 2-piece design absorbs the vibrations from imperfections on traditional surfaces, allowing it to track smoothly across rough surfaces. You’ll love the feel of this puck right when you put it down on the ground, which makes it one of the best hockey training aides you can buy if you want to practice your hands in the driveway.

The Green Biscuit works even better with shooting pads and smoother stick handling surfaces too.  And, on top of the original Green Biscuit, the company also offers a multi-layered Green Biscuit for passing and a tougher, denser Green Biscuit for shooting.

stick handling training pad best off-ice hockey training productsLooking for the ultimate stick handling, passing, and shooting training station?  Well, then look no further than the Hockey Revolution Training Floor. This is one of the best hockey training aides because it includes stick handling tiles and bumper passers to create a unique experience that allows the player to work their puck handling and passing ability.

Since the surface is broken up into tiles, you can virtually move this anywhere to get your training done.  Whether you’re in the garage, the driveway, or the backyard, you’ll be able to start working on your hands in minutes with the Stick Handling Training Floor. On top of the color coded tiles and two passers, included is with this is access to the Hockey Revolution training app that will put you through a variety of exercises to help you get those silky mitts you’ve always wanted.

wrap around blade saver on blade best off-ice hockey training products

Let’s face it – hockey sticks are EXPENSIVE. Gone are the days of $15 wooden sticks that you can just chuck after you wear them down and in are the days of high performance composite hockey sticks. With better technology comes a higher price, but luckily for you (or your parents, depending on who’s buying the sicks), there is the Wrap Around Blade Saver.

The Wrap Around is one of the most necessary hockey training aides because its going to do one thing: save your hockey stick. The Wrap Around fits all major brands of hockey sticks, both junior and senior sizes, left or right handed, with round or square toes.  Don’t burn a hole into your wallet by damaging your sticks with your hockey training. The Wrap Around is a cheap product ($31.00 on Amazon) that will save you hundreds, or maybe even thousands of dollars on hockey sticks depending on how serious you are about your hockey career.

If you’re a hockey player that likes to squeeze the hell out of their stick, especially with your bottom hand, then you need to consider picking up the Danglator.  This is the one of the best hockey training aides for players that are bottom hand dominant and need to develop touch with their stick handling.  This adjustable PVC device that can be used both on and off the ice works by not allowing the player to grip their hockey stick with their bottom hand.

With this device in the palm of your bottom hand, all you do is stickhandle like you normally would.  The hard piece sitting in the palm of your bottom hand doesn’t allow you to grip your stick and forces it to act as a guide for smoother stick handling. Also, because the bottom hand isn’t allowed to grip the bottom of your stick, it forces your top hand to develop more strength. Instead of using a PVC pipe, hockey players can now attach the Danglator to their glove, making it one of the more popular cheap hockey training aides out there today.

original hockey sauce kit best off-ice hockey training products

Who knew that practicing could be so much fun? Well, the Original Hockey Sauce Kit helps buck the trend on boring practice.  This is one of the fun hockey training aides that your kids will enjoy because it doubles as a fun game. Hockey players and partygoers can enjoy the Original Hockey Sauce Kit in the backyard, at a party, or even when they’re tailgating for the big game. The unique design and patented goal comes with 8 professional regulation hockey pucks and is equipped with metal posts, real twine netting, and a durable shoulder strap for hauling.

Whether you like to perform trick shots or want to practice your saucer passes, this game is a ton of fun to play with your friends or by yourself. Hockey players of all ages will love the Original Hockey Sauce Kit as it combines practice and a fun time in one of the most unique and fun hockey training aides on the market.

plastic slide board best off-ice hockey training productsYea, having phenomenal hands and a great shot is nice, but what does that matter if you can’t skate up and down the ice?  Skating is every player’s foundation in hockey, and you can’t play at a high level if you can’t skate at a high level. In order to make the most of your training and develop tree trunks for leg strength, you need to pick up Hockey Revolution’s Adjustable Slide Board.  No, its not that same slide board from the 1980’s – this one is hockey specific.

Slide boards are essential hockey training aides that allow you to develop you power, agility, balance, and muscular endurance, which in turn create a powerful skating stride. What’s great about this specific hockey training slide board is that it’s fully adjustable. So as you get bigger, you can add more tiles to increase the difficulty. The Hockey Slide Board has been around for a long time and is continually used by pros today because it is one of the best hockey training aides that you can use off of the ice.

snipers edge shooting tarp best off-ice hockey training productsBroken windows and dented garage doors can be the by-product from puck shooting. Fortunately, the Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp takes the anxiety of home damage out of training for those hockey players that shoot a lot of pucks.  This shooting tarp is one of the best hockey training aides for players that want to rip pucks every day at home and its great for commercial use as well.

What parents and hockey players will love about the Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp is that its heavy duty and can withstand the abuse from both regular and weighted pucks. Also, when pucks hit the tarp, they die and drop onto the ground right in front, stopping ricochet pucks from doing damage.

The Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp comes in two sizes (7′ x 16′ or 8′ x 16′), has a regulation size shooter tutor on the front, and has target pockets that players can aim at for training their accuracy. Combine it with a shooting pad and a passing aid, and you will have the ultimate shooting setup for years to come.$224.99

And don’t forget… you need pucks!

bulk box of pucks best off-ice hockey training products

If you’re going to practice your shot and your stick handling, you need to buy pucks! And, its better if you buy them in bulk. You can pick up a Box of 50 pucks from Howie’s Hockey Tape to start your training collection, or you can go with a set of weighted pucks. Weighted pucks were a hockey training tool used by former NHL signature sniper Alexi Kovalev and were what he credited to developing one of the best releases and hardest shots ever in the NHL.

Well, there you have it. Whether you’re in the NHL or starting out as a mini-mite, these off-ice hockey training aides will help you develop the skill and strength, as well as give you more practice hours to perfect your skills.