Sports, Politics, and why you need to Vote

Midnight Sun/Rich Girard

The series finale of the 2016 Election in the United States is upon us. 46 million have already voted early and tomorrow millions more cast their vote to decide who the next leader of the free world will be.

Here at Spongecoach we care about one thing: Sports. But Politics and Sports go hand in hand and often times reflect what’s going on in our society *cough* Anthem kneeling *cough*. If you don’t believe me check out this page on Wiki: Politics and Sports and if you wanna get even more in depth check out this interview with Sportswriter Dave Zirin by click here who spent more than a decade researching the relationship between the two.

In the interview, Zirin brings up one big point that I thought was great is about the 2008 economic crisis which as he states was the biggest recession in 80 years we’ve had in this country:

It turned the economics of sports on its head—there have been four lockouts in different years [including the NFL referees], as owners in different sports have tried to restore profitability. There have been fewer public subsidies for stadiums, which were one of the pillars of sports profits for the last generation.

Why do I bring this up? Because I wanted to give an example of how politics and our elected officials do have an impact on sports. Another example is educational funding, it impacts your college and high school programs. I don’t care if you’re ranked number one like Alabama or not…. if you’re funding gets cut the program suffers in some way.

In 2012, a surveyed was conducted by Inside Higher Ed that found 65 percent of college presidents had decided to vote for Obama because of his views on education and in part because they hadn’t seen an education agenda coming from the Republicans.

Also this viral commercial that aired recently by Rebuilding America Now:

I know we’re all tired of hearing about the election…. It seems like it’s been going on forever and went zero to hundred real quick but your vote does matter. You gotta suck it up and go do your job as an American.

I was listening to Bill Burr this morning on his podcast and he struck the hammer on the nail about this presidential election. We don’t know shit about their views, all they do is tell us how the other one is an asshole, and we hope we somehow pick the lesser of two evils.

Listen to the full podcast:

I’m not gonna tell ya who to vote for and I’m not gonna tell ya who I’m voting for. That’s not my place and to be honest we’re a sports blog, word of advice, don’t take political advice from guys who write about sports. But, if your like me and do, then go read Riggs article on Barstool Sports, I found it insightful.

But remember too, that there is a lot of other things that you’ll be voting on besides the president, like, marijuana legalization, gun control, and the worst, taxes. These propositions are important because you will feel the affect of them in your daily life and it will effect the athletes of your favorite sports team. Just refer back to the first two propositions I gave examples of and then put NFL after them in a quick search on the web and tell me it won’t affect them.

And I know you’re probably saying “I don’t have time to read up on all of these propositions and other politicians” but trust me when I say you’ll thank yourself later for doing so. Go do what everyone else does and grab a cheat sheet, at least you did some homework, instead of just going in like a middle school exam you didn’t study for and just going a,b,c,d,d,c,b,a. Here, I’ll even give you a head start: 2016 Ballot Proposition Cheat Sheets

With that I want to wish everyone good luck tomorrow. The Cubs won the World Series, Leo Dicaprio won an Oscar, and if Reddit is right like they always are, then tomorrow just might mark the start of the Apocalypse.

And now a word from Chuck Lorre:

We are the creators of opportunity. Sure the system’s rigged. It always has been. So what?! We are a nation of immigrants who have consistently ignored the rigging. You won’t let us join your club? %#&@ you, we’ll start our own club. You won’t let us go to your school? %#&@ you, we’ll start our own school. You won’t let us earn money your way? %#&@ you, we’ll earn it our way. You won’t give us a chance here? %#&@ you, we will go elsewhere. You want to know what makes America great? I got two words for you….

If you wanna learn more about the world of Sports & Politics I highly recommend reading the book below:

Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down