Growing your team brand can sometimes seem like a daunting task but stress not cause we’ve come up with 5 easy ways that can help you achieve a bigger reputation around town:

  1. Partner up with other well-known local business – For example if your local town has a Zoo, you could sponsor free admission into the park every Friday night. The benefit to this tactic is that it allows your team to inherit some of that business’ image and reputation while reaching a broader audience.
  2. Refer a friend – This a method we use mainly in sales for leads. Say you have someone buying season tickets, you can ask them for a referral but usually they want something in return so you offer discounts. If their friend buys tickets next to theirs then both parties get so much off of their ticket package.
  3. Interact on social media – Social media is best used as it was originally intended, to be social. You need to reach out and become an active conversationalist with local news stations, popular hangouts, restaurants, and opposing teams. Don’t be scared to let some personality come through too! Build communities that allow your fans to communicate with each other, interact, and share experiences.
  4. Free tickets to well-connected influencers – Giving out free tickets is usually a huge no-no for me in the sports industry. Can’t give away the milk for free and expect people to pay later on but when it comes to people who have strong connections with others in your town then I say go for it! These folks are likely to share their experiences and get you in front of a larger audience.
  5. Headlines – And I don’t mean making the local news. I’m talking about creating eye catching headlines for the press releases that you announce and content that you’re publishing on your website. You need to be able to catch people’s attentions while they’re scrolling through their phones and you can’t do that with a boring headline.


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