From social media and team meeting to productivity apps, these are Spongecoach’s favorite apps for sports staff members. Those included in the list have no particular order of best to worst and all of them can be found on our phones that we use for every day tasks.


This is a great app to keep all your work together in one place. I often find myself stumbling upon inspiration out in the wild or while surfing online and this is a great way to quickly capture those ideas and then store them into one place for me to refer to later on.

I’m also a huge fan of note keeping. In our line of work your brain can get scattered with all the information pumped into our heads like stats, to-do lists, news, team meetings, etc. I find it helps to just whip out the app and write my thoughts down.


So this is a new app that I’ve just begun using recently with my front office staff. Different departments have to work with each other and more often than not they’re never in the same place at once. This helps me get everyone on one page and working more efficiently with one another.

The idea is that you create project boards with a description of the job, details, checklist, due dates, attachments, etc. Then you share this with all the necessary members and they get live updates while also providing updates.

The app is really well done and is a modern approach to the usual team update meetings. The only set back I’ve really come across is getting everyone using it regularly. It takes about a month or so of really pushing it on your workers for the app to get going and start seeing all the benefits.

Google Docs

A ton of people use it these days and for good reason. Literally everything you can do in office you can do in google docs but without the heavy price. It’s nice also nice being able to access your documents from any device that has an internet connection. Too many times have I been on the road with the team and been asked to bring up information, only not be able to because I didn’t have my laptop next me. Those days are long gone now thanks to google docs.


To be honest, I don’t use this app to much anymore. Back in the early days it was awesome! You could put all of your social media accounts in one place and create post that could go across the board. Nowadays though strategy has evolved and we learned that each account needs to have it’s own voice/attitude. I still use this one occasionally if I want a quick glance at analytics or how post are doing but even still most social accounts come with analytics built in now. I keep this one on the back burner mainly for when I’m going on vacation. It’s nice to be able to schedule post ahead of time for each stream and then be able to hit the beach and not worry about making post for that day.

Google Analytics 

You need to know how your website is doing at all times! I can’t stress this enough. The reason I got the app though is because I don’t have to go through 5 steps to get the information I want like I would on desktop. With this I just open the app and boom there’s all the info I need at a quick glance and it’s convent when you’re on the go.


This was one that I found earlier this year while doing research on online storage. No doubt you have gigs worth of team photos and roster pics sitting on your hard drive eating up space. Well Flickr offers 1tb free! Completely free, no bs. It’s also incredibly easy to organize all of your photos into albums, name, tag, and you have the option to choose which photos are open to public and which remain private. It’s a must have app for designers and marketers.


Adobe Spark

I use this app to create those popular Instagram post that everyone seems to be doing these days. You know the ones, retro photo, inspirational text, and your logo. The UI is about as simple as they come and it has tons of options to create every post your own.


This app has one purpose on my phone. Identify songs for videos. Often I’ll find myself listening to a song and picturing it next to video clips, commercials, team goals and then having no idea who created the song meaning I gotta search YouTube for the next 30mins to find it. Well with this app all I have to do is hit the button and it tells me right away. Best part is it can also add the song to a spotify playlist.



Last but not least is ol’ faithful here, Dropbox. Except I don’t use Dropbox for mass online storage, I use it for gameday. It’s the best way to upload all of your gameday gifs and graphics to share with the staff who operates social media during the game. It’s perfect cause most people already have it on their phones and all you have to do is share the folders with them. It helps make all your platforms and brand look the same across the board.

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