Astros MVP George Springer’s Dad Shares Incredible Wisdom For Sports Parents

george springer's dad advice for youth sports parents of athletes

George Springer’s dad, father of 2017 World Series MVP George Springer III, was recently interviewed by Houston KPRC 2 sports director Randy McIlvoy after the Houston Astros defeated the Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series.

In a phenomenal interview, George Springer’s dad shares incredible wisdom for sports parents who have children that are struggling with adversity.  His son, now World Series Champion and MVP, has dealt with an intense stutter his entire life on top of playing baseball.  And, for anyone who watched the World Series will know that he dealt with his ups and downs swinging his bat at the plate.

You can watch the full interview here:

However, the key takeaway for parents is that Springer Jr. attributes his son’s success to two things: How hard he works and how he is a great person to his teammates and coaches. And, George Springer Jr. proud of the way that his son leads himself, he’s proud of the way that his son inspires those around him to be their best..

“He’s really worked hard to develop his talents,” George Springer Jr. said. “He’s worked hard to continuously try to make a positive contribution to the team – but it’s not just about the Xs and the Os, it’s not just about the hits, it’s not just about running the bases or catching balls – It’s about being a good person. It’s about being a good teammate, and understanding that everybody has value. (The thing that) I really enjoy most watching him is how he makes everybody around him better – That goes for us, too. As parents, you hope to set an example and you hope to be an inspiration for your children, but in this case I could tell you that George, routinely is an inspiration to me. He’s an inspiration to my wife, he’s an inspiration to my daughters. The way he comports himself – He’s a really remarkable young man.”

This amazing interview goes on to ask George Springer’s dad about how proud he was of his son being crowned the World Series MVP on top of winning the World Series.

“It makes me feel great, obviously, that he made a significant contribution, but really, what it means is that that contribution was able to aid the team in winning and it’s a reflection of all the hard work and the effort, and frankly, the struggle. You know – you get knocked down, and he had his knock downs during the series and you get back up, because that’s what life is. To see him work through that, to see his resiliency is enough to make you real proud.” 

Springer Jr. was then asked about his son’s struggle growing up with his stuttering problem, and why he decided to become a public spokesperson for young children with stuttering problems at SAY (Stuttering Association for the Young).  This is where the true pride of George Springer’s dad comes out – not because of his son’s athletic achievements, but because of the person that he has become.

“I can tell you that when he initially when public with the stuttering – like any parent – you want to protect him. And, I had concerns. It’s a tough world out there. And he said to me, ‘Dad, if there’s one kid that I can help, it’s worth it to me. It’s not about me – it’s about those kids out there.’ And, I like to think that over the years, I thought through a lot of things, and these kids don’t come with an instruction manual. You know – just like any other parents, you’re trying to figure it out as you go, you’re trying to make the right decisions to put them in the right situations so that they can develop and grow as human beings. And you often don’t fully appreciate the impact you’ve had until it comes back to you in moments like that. And when he told me that that’s what he wanted to do and the importance of what he wanted to do, I couldn’t argue with him. I said, ‘You’re absolutely right and we’re going to do everything we can to support you’.”

George Springer’s dad helps put being a parent of an athlete into perspective with this extraordinary advice. It’s something that all sports parents need to absorb and apply in their own lives so that their children can thrive.

Support your children, be for them along the way, and try to navigate through the infamous crazy youth sports life by being by their side. Who knows – maybe some day your child can walk the same footsteps at George Springer Jr.’s son and become a World Series MVP too.

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