30 Best Herm Edwards Quotes To Inspire You To Take Action

best herm edwards quotes

For former Kansas City Chiefs & New York Jets Head Coach Herm Edwards, it was a long road to make it to the National Football League both as a player and as a coach. However, when one spends more than one minute listening to Edwards speak, its easy to see why he continued to persist to achieve his goals. The former cornerback that had 33 career interceptions in the NFL has never been short of being animated, so we have created our list of the best Herm Edwards quotes that will motivate and inspire you to take action in your life.

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As a coach, the Fort Monmouth, New Jersey native started his career at San Jose State University as the Defensive Backs coach before making his way into the NFL. Known widely for enthusiasm and his “Hermanisms”, Edwards never saw a Super Bowl as a coach.  He made a pact with himself that he would not see the Super Bowl until he made it himself. Coach Edwards is currently a football analyst for ESPN, where fans tune in on a weekly basis to see if he will ever top his “You play to win the game!” speech.

Here are our 30 Best Herm Edwards Quotes to Help Inspire You To Take Action

30. “This game is about this. You test a person’s will by knocking a man off of his spot. The game of football isn’t around for everybody.” – Herm Edwards

29. “Your problems are never bigger than your purpose.” – Herm Edwards

28. “You don’t get character because you’re successful; you build character because of the hardships you face.” – Herm Edwards

27. “I’m not a panic guy. I don’t do that. Can’t. When you’re a leader, you can never panic, no matter what’s happening. The building could be falling down. Fire could be going all places. Somebody has to make a decision on how to get out.” – Herm Edwards

26. “Quitting is not an option. I will not let anyone on this team quit.” – Herm Edwards

#25 of our Best 30 Herm Edwards Quotes: “You gotta have a little kid in you to play football.” – Herm Edwards

24. “We got outcoached and outplayed. Put it on me.” – Herm Edwards

23. “They realized what type of football team we are. We have to do the little things well.”

22. “It doesn’t look pretty all the time — pretty doesn’t win.”

21. “Some people get enamored with a person’s lifestyle,”

20. “Being a professional football player is not a hobby, its a profession.” – Herm Edwards

19. “Be coachable and be available. Be on time. Know Your Role and do your job.” – Herm Edwards

18. “Don’t get sensitive, be coachable.” – Herm Edwards

17. “Know the difference between being hurt and injured. Hurt players can play and practice. It’s going to hurt.” – Herm Edwards

16. “When you walk in a room and you’re late, its because its not important to you.” – Herm Edwards

#15 of the 30 Best Herm Edwards Quotes: “Don’t hear me. Listen.” – Herm Edwards

14. “Three things coaches will teach you – They will teach you WHAT to do, they will show you HOW to do it, but its up to you to understand WHY they are calling it.” – Herm Edwards

13. “Commitment starts with a struggle. It’s hard to commit.” – Herm Edwards

12. “Make sure you choose your friends. Don’t let them choose you. Make sure you choose your circle of friends and they know what’s important to you.” – Herm Edwards

11. “When you’re thinking about sending out that tweet, I only have one piece of advice. Don’t press send.” – Herm Edwards

10“When you get that jersey, it’s rented. When you’re done, they’re going to take your name off the back and give somebody else your number.” – Herm Edwards

9 “It’s not a right, it’s a privilege to play and coach in the National Football League.” – Herm Edwards

8“Sometimes, talent can be a curse.” – Herm Edwards

7“Are you interested or are you committed?” – Herm Edwards

6 “Your start does not determine how you are going to finish.” – Herm Edwards

5“We are all a collection of our choices.” – Herm Edwards

4“Nothing good happens after midnight.” – Herm Edwards

3“Your habits create who you are.” – Herm Edwards

2“A goal without a plan is a wish.” – Herm Edwards

1“You play to win the game.” – Herm Edwards

Well, there you have it – our list of the Best Herm Edwards Quotes to Help Inspire You To Take Action and achieve more in your life. If you like these Herm Edwards quotes, then you will love his book You Play To Win The Game and It’s the Will, Not the Skill: Principles and Philosophies of Success as Seen Through the Eyes, Mind and Heart of Herman Edwards by Jim Tunney.

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