Video of the Week: The Best Mike Leach Quotes In A Single Video Montage

What do you do when you have video of a bunch of Mike Leach quotes? You mash them together and make an epic montage – that’s what you do.

When it comes to epic press conferences that produce some of the funniest, truest, and most bizarre quotes you’ll ever hear, Washington State University’s Mike Leach wears the crown. During his coaching career, Leach has left reporters laughing and sometimes scratching their heads with his off the cusp answers.  Thankfully, all of the best Mike Leach quotes have been compiled into a single video for your viewing pleasure.

Mike Leach is a man that flies off of the cusp all of the time. Leach has shared his thoughts that there should be a 64 team college football playoff, ranted about his players and their “fat little girlfriends”, explained why we should be aware of extraterrestrial life on other planets, experimented with coffee and fire ants, and compared his team’s compete level to that of a junior college’s softball team.

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From his epic rants to when he was coaching at Texas Tech University to his recent rambles at Washington State, this video has it all covered for you. It doesn’t matter if you agree with his outlandish quotes or if you think that he’s ridiculous – you won’t be disappointed with this montage. The only things that you need to do is prop your feet up, grab some snacks, sit back and enjoy.

Whether you’re a coach, a player, or a fan, this is a montage of Mike Leach quotes that you don’t want to miss.

(Courtesy of CFBin30 on Youtube)


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