Arkansas Coach Chad Morris is the latest coach to add to the line of coaches that support multi-sport athletes.

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that there are numerous benefits to children that play multiple sports.  Lately, there has been endless research published from coaches, sports psychologists, medical doctors, athletic trainers, and other experts that are trying to inform parents that they need to get their children involved in more than one sport.

Chad Morris, who is Arkansas Football’s new head coach, commented on how strongly he feels about athletes that play multiple sports when asked on National Signing Day. Morris was not shy to hold back and communicate how he feels about kids that play more than one sport growing up.

“I want players that play multiple sports,” said Morris. “I feel like it does a couple of things. Number one, it develops an overall skill set, a well-rounded skill set. Number two, it shows me that they can be coached in different ways, because every coach that he deals with, in each different sport, deals with him a little different.

“So that’s intriguing to me. If I have two players that are dead equal, and one plays one sport and the other plays two sports, I’m going to go after the two sport athlete first.”

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Check out Chad Morris’ full comments via Steve Sullivan (@sully7777):


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