One of the hardest things to do for sports teams is creating a team logo and brand. Some might think it would be simple but you’d be wrong. If you’re a team looking to modernize then you already something to build off but what if you’re a team with no history and are embarking on your inaugural season?

The Vegas Golden Knights had this very problem. They weren’t a team looking to modernize, they weren’t a team moving from another city, nor were they starting up in a town where there had already been a pro team before them.

So how do you go about the creative process of starting a team brand and team logo from scratch? With lots of hard work.

The video below by SPORTSNET takes us through the creative process from beginning to end on how to go about creating an awesome team logo:

Here’s what we can take away from the video:

  1. You need to have a logo that isn’t overly complicated but not simple enough that it doesn’t stand you apart from the competition
  2. Nostalgia goes a long way
  3. You have to make something that fans want to wear. Think jerseys, hats, sweaters, t-shirts, etc.
  4. You’re colors need to be strong and unique. Take a look at what colors other teams are using in your league. The colors shouldn’t be chosen at random, they need to have meaning behind them. You can look for these colors in your city, landscape, etc.
  5. Iconography means putting in study lessons. Look throughout history for inspiration to what your icon represents and how it should look. Then try and combine that with inspiration from the city that you play for.

Follow these 5 rules and you’ll be off to a great start!