Photo: Matt Campbell’s Iowa State Cyclone Code of Conduct Policy Is All About Respect

iowa state cyclone code of conduct policy for football team

All you have to do is take a look at a picture of the Iowa State Cyclone Code of Conduct Policy and you will see why Matt Campbell is the leader that they’ve been dying to have.

But, how to do you take a team from the cellar to the penthouse in a short amount of time?

You start small and change the culture. Iowa State Football Head Coach Matt Campbell has done just that – but its not by the cutthroat, fast-paced based instant gratification decisions that aim to please athletic directors, alumni, and fans.

Instead, Matt Campbell does it the right way – by instilling the right principles, philosophies, and when you look at the Iowa State Cyclone Code of Conduct, by manners. The picture of their Code of Conduct Policy was snapped by college football writer Dennis Dodd (@dennisdoddcbs) and you can see below why its garnered national attention.


So, what’s the big deal? Why is the Iowa State Cyclone Code of Conduct Policy important?

To go on a mini rant – it just is. If you have to ask that question, then you fail to see what playing sports is all about. Although Campbell lives in a world of ESPN pundits, social media, and sports blogs running amok, he drowns out the noise and doesn’t get caught up in the rat race of Lane Kiffin tweets, Mike Leach soundbites, or Jim Harbaugh antics.

There are so many coaches out there that care too much about what the latest tactic is to win in recruiting and building a successful program that they fail to see the answer was right there in front of them the entire time.

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Teaching young athletes and preparing them for the real world – that’s what college athletics are all about. Campbell hasn’t forgotten about that at all with the Iowa State Cyclone Code of Conduct Policy. He understands that although the popular antics going on in the coaching world may get page views and trends on Twitter, they aren’t truly valuable to kids.

Maybe that’s the reason why you’re seeing Michigan have the Harbaugh effect – and now the inevitable Harbaugh hangover – while Iowa State climbs up silently by doing it right.

Campbell’s success restores faith in coaching humanity by having a program based off of integrity, respect, and humility.

That’s the right way to build a program.

The Iowa State Cyclone Code of Conduct Policy

  • I can always be heard saying PLEASE when asking for something.
  • When given something, I will always say THANK YOU.
  • Likewise when someone says thank you, I will say YOU’RE WELCOME.
  • To politely interrupt, I will say EXCUSE ME.
  • I can always be heard saying YES SIR, NO SIR, or YES MA’AM, NO MA’AM to my parents, instructors, coaches, advisors, managers, trainers, etc.
  • Phrases such as: GOOD MORNING, BE SAFE, HOW ARE YOU and HAVE A GREAT DAY are all part of who I am.



Contributes to the “new culture” of sports and helps motivate you to achieve your potential.