So last Friday at the 2017 World Juniors, Sweden lost 3-1 to Canada coming in 2nd and giving way for Canada to bring home the gold which ended up making Lias Andersson reaction at the post ceremony one of the best ever.

Andersson was so frustrated after his six goal game that he threw his silver medal into the crowd!

Afterwards the fan who caught the medal gave it back to team Sweden and Andersson once again told them to give it away.

“I don’t want it” said Andersson. “The guy in the stands wanted it more than me, so I gave it to him. I’m just going to have it home in some box or whatever….”

“I have a silver medal from the U-18 Worlds and I haven’t checked it in two years since I lost last time so I won’t regret it” – LIAS Andersson.

Andersson is a badass! And basically what every player should strive to be. Second place isn’t good enough and shouldn’t be praised or something to be proud about. It just means you suck and someone else was better than you. You really want something like that in your house reminding you every single day?

We need to take note and stop giving away medals, trophies, and participation ribbons. It’s not making us stronger and it doesn’t set the bar high.


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