Marathon of Hope

In September of 2015 I lived in Coquitlam at the time, and I got the privilege to participate in the run at the exact place where Terry Fox was born and raised.

Terry Fox.If you are not familiar with Terry Fox let me tell you a brief summary. Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1977. He made it his mission to raise 1 million dollars by running across Canada on his prosthetic leg. The purpose was to raise awareness in finding a cure for cancer. His cancer spread to his lungs one year after starting his journey across Canada. He died in 1981 in Ontario. His mission of 1 million super exceeded into 24 million, much more than he anticipated, what came as a surprise was that he left a legacy. 36 years later we are celebrating his run in every city across Canada and are still raising money for cancer research.

Before I continue I just wanted to mention that this touches me very closely to my heart because I have lost my grandparents to cancer. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye as I was in another country. They will forever be in my heart.

The Run

Running the Terry Fox 10k run was an electrifying experience. It was cold, it was wet, and it was exhilarating being amongst supporters for a great cause.

Prior to the beginning of the run there were speeches made by people who have gone through tragedies and recoveries. The stories were heartwarming, they set the mood for the run.

At the beginning of the run it was easy to get ahead and to keep at a good running pace, especially after the speeches before the run. I did nothing to prepare to run 10 kilometers, although I would say I am fairly athletic. It also helps running beside motivated individuals. Motivation spreads like fire when ignited.

Same is true in anything you do in life, it is a snowball effect. The only dilemma is to keep the momentum going.

Near the end of the run, there was one individual who persisted with a tremendous pace. I was at this point giving up before I seen this man running. This inspired me further to continue. When we came through the finish line together he congratulated me, I did the same for him.

The sportsmanship is profound in this event. Everyone was cheering and in an uplifted mood. How could you not participate in something so inspiring? I will continue to support the cause and participate in the event yearly. I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to experience this.

Photo courtesy of CBC
Photo courtesy of CBC

The Takeaway

In business and in life, sometimes that push is needed to keep going. Who do you look up to to get that push? It can be anything or anyone that has a compelling action, story that will encourage you to go beyond your safety net. Taking risks is necessary. Now this may not seem like a risk going to do a run, however going by yourself can sometimes be intimidating, and doing so in the rain for longer than your used to and not giving up I would say is coming out of the comfort zone.

What I didn’t understand is how this run served its purpose in raising awareness for cancer. I mean you’re running…. however when I got to the event it all made sense. At the event there are merchandise sales of which the proceeds go to the foundation and each runner has to donate a minimum of $10 to participate and more if they choose too.

I would do it again, and I encourage you to support a cause that resonates with you. You have been blessed with more than you need, even if you don’t think so. This universe works in reciprocity. What you give you will get in return 10 fold, the most important factor to remember is not to expect anything in return.

Lev Karasin

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