Last Saturday, the Miami Hurricanes to down the Florida State Seminoles 24-20 taking the Hurricanes to 4-0 record.

Once the game was over some Hurricane players took off to celebrate on the Seminoles midfield logo, which has become a growing tradition in college football for road teams after a big win.

Mark Richt response? Get your asses off the field!

You can see Richt make a beeline to his players and bust up their victory dance while telling them to “get your asses off the field!”

To which I say, good on you Mark, good on you.

There’s always been a big debate about how far can you take a celebration or victory. But there’s something about having class when you win. You never remember the teams that were disrespectful about winning over their opponents.

It’s easy to give in and start talking shit to other opponents and to kick people when their down. That’s why teams and athletes have to put themselves above it cause you never know when you’re gonna be on the losing side.

Props to Mark Richt for reminding us that winning with class is still important.