The NHL’s regular season is only a few weeks from kicking off on Wednesday, Oct. 4, with a four-game night, the highlight of course being the Pittsburgh Penguins raising their fifth Stanley Cup championship banner before facing the St. Louis Blues at PPG Paints Arena.

And with the NHL kicking off their season it also means that Adult Winter League is about to kick off, if it hasn’t already in your area and if there’s one thing we know about Adult League, it’s that we all want to celebrate celly’s while chugging beer in the faces of our opponents. How do we achieve that? Practice and hard work? Maybe…. or we could just buy what the pros use and up our game.

Thankfully GearGeek is here to help us raise our game, get celly’s, and play the game like the pros:

“GearGeek is your only online destination for all NHL player equipment information! Find out what gear is being used by your favorite NHL player, which of the top hockey brands are most popular throughout the NHL and much more! Player equipment data is updated daily to provide users with the most accurate equipment information possible.”

I immediately jumped onto the search bar and looked up the wookie himself, Brent Burns:

First off I just want to give compliments to on the incredibly clean website design. It’s simple and to the point, which I love.

You get to see a quick facts about of the player searched and underneath you get to see all the equipment that player is using during games. Obviously Brent Burns is decked out in CCM gear, no surprise there.

My only nitpick is I wish there was a link to buy the equipment. I would probably be more quick to act on impulse and make a purchase if I didn’t have to search for the product myself. But again that’s just a nitpick.

On the sidebar of the site there’s a few more options that will allow you to get a little more in depth with your search. For example if you go to the brands tab you can see a break down of what equipment by hockey brands are used the most by players of each NHL team.

The feature that I personally found the most useful though was the position breakdown. Click on the position tab in the sidebar and click on the position you currently play to see a breakdown of what equipment is the most used by NHL’ers playing the same position as you.

For instance I play right wing so I clicked on that and was met with this graph:

I’ve been switching between Warrior and Bauer with a 70 flex for awhile now with thoughts about going to a cheaper stick like True but after seeing this graph? I might just stick with the twig brands that I’m used to. I was surprised to see that Bobby Ryan is sporting a TRUE – A6.0 SBP twig though, so GearGeek definitely is making me think more about the equipment I’m using.

Final verdict: GearGeek helps anyone who has ever wondered what equipment the pro’s use while playing games. If you play recreational hockey then GearGeek is going to help give you more insight into the world of equipment. The player search is cool and I found it interesting to see which of my favorite players are using what but the tool I found the most useful was the position breakdown. The position breakdown helps give you an insight into which brands and variant seem to be the most popular among the pros and can help in making your next purchase and hopefully get you more celly’s on the ice.