What’s the age old adage? If it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it? Well that’s the approach that Apple and Beats have decided to take with their newest version of their extremely popular wireless bluetooth sports headphones, the Powerbeats3 Wireless.  These powerful, comfortable, and reliable headphones are a slight, but much needed upgrade that will leave all athletes (except those that like to go underwater) with a satisfying experience while they workout, go on errands, or just want to zone out with maximum quality.

To the untrained eye, the Powerbeats3 wireless headphones are very hard to distinguish from the Powerbeats2 wireless, which is Beats previous of their wireless fitness headphones. Much of Beats design has remained consistent with the Powerbeats3, making them  look very similar to the Powerbeats2. It’s list price is the same, and it’s available in a variety of colors including Black, White, Cyran Eed, Flash Blue, and Shock Yellow. What also stays consistent with the power beats to is that the power beats three Will still hold up and perform like a beast in the sweat in the rain. However, don’t treat these amazing headphones like an Apple Watch Series 2 and dunk them in the pool – they won’t survive.

Powerbeats3 Fit

Although the Powerbeats3 look very similar to their predecessor, their are many subtle design tweaks to them that will improve your experience over the Powerbeats2. For starters, Beats has redesigned the earbud post, lengthening it just a tad and altering the angle so that it fits in your ear more snugly in an attempt to allow people with tricky ears the opportunity to have a rich sound experience.

The reason why Beats is trying to create a universal fit for everyone it Is because everybody knows how important it is for an athlete to have a snug fit with their headphones while working out. There is nothing more annoying than getting in the groove for a workout and then having to deal with earbuds from slipping out of your ears because of a bad fit. It kills your workout momentum, Your groove, and your focus and puts all of your attention on trying to shove your ear bud back into your ear like shoving a St. Bernard through a doggie door. Every athlete hates it.

Although the Powerbeats3 wireless don’t form a perfect seal, they come pretty close to providing the best fit possible for any wireless sports headphone out there. Combined with their ear hook design, which is one of the headphones signature identifying features, the Powerbeats3 deliver a fit that will produce strong base, sharp trebles, and an overall crisp sound that will put you in the mood to crush your workout.

powerbeats3 wireless
Michael Phelps rocking the Powerbeats3 for Beats’ Marketing campaign.

However, if you have really tricky ears, you may find from time to time that the sound will seem thin and mediocre for a $200 pair of headphones. If you had trouble with the Powerbeats2 wireless, you will most likely have trouble with the Powerbeats3 headphones as well. Beats has only upgraded the fit and connectivity of their headphones with the Powerbeats3, not the quality of the sound. The improved fit comes from Beats’ cable management system as well. It is extremely easy to adjust around the back of your head and neck allowing you to produce a nice custom fit that will leave you comfortable. The combination of the adjustable cable, lengthened earbud post, and adjustable ear hooks will keep these headphones in your ears until the end of time – no matter what type of workout you have on deck.

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Powerbeats3 & W1 Bluetooth – The Perfect Pair

Two new welcomed changes to the Powerbeats3 are the added protective carrying case, which is fantastic for athletes that are on-the-go, as well as the improved in-line remote buttons.  These buttons have been upgraded and redesigned so that they are more responsive when you want to adjust your volume, skip tracks, and even answer phone calls.

The biggest change that comes with the Powerbeats3 is underneath the hood of the machine. These headphones come strapped with Apple’s brand new W1 Bluetooth chip.  The W1 is the same new technology that is found in Apple’s AirPods along with several other versions of Beats’ latest wireless headphones.  The new W1 Bluetooth Technology is a game changer and makes pairing idiot-proof if you have an Apple device. Are you have to do his place these headphones in proximity of your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, and the pairing screen pops up tp pair your headphones with your Apple device.

Another improved feature in the Powerbeats3 is that the W1 chip significantly improves the battery life of the headphones. As with other wireless headphones, the Powerbeats3 have an internal, rechargeable battery. The Powerbeats3 experience a battery life that’s rated for up to 12 hours of use, which is more than 4 hours better than the previous Powerbeats2. What’s amazing with this version is the Fast Fuel feature, which allows you to gain one hour of audio playback in just five minutes of charging time. So, if you forget to charge your headphones before your workout, don’t fret. All you need is five minutes and you will have enough juice to power you through an hour-long sweat session.

Since the Powerbeats3 are a Class 1 Bluetooth device, you will have an rocksteady connection when you pair these headphones with a Class 1 Bluetooth Phone, such as an iPhone 6 or newer. You should be able to extend your pairing range Beyond bluetooth’s typical 3- foot range, making this device the perfect accessory for working out as you don’t need to worry about hauling your phone everywhere with you in the gym. Just put your phone down next to your water bottle and stay within a 30-40 foot range and you’ll be able to jam out while you work out without having a lanky phone in your pocket.

powerbeats3 wireless review
Just five minutes of charging will give you an hour of music.

Powerbeats3 Verdict

In conclusion, you won’t be upset if you decide to pick up a pair of Powerbeats3 wireless headphones. The Powerbeats3 experience is enjoyable and it’s upgrades over the previous version, the Powerbeats2, are worth recommending these wireless sports headphones. In a market that is crowded, whether it’s from Beats, Bose, or Jabra, it can be enticing to pick up the cheapest pair possible in order to save money. However, the Beats brand combined with it’s new Bluetooth technology and extended battery life willl leave you satisfied with the experience from these headphones. Although the Powerbeats3 is not a complete redesign and major overhaul when compared to the previous version (Powersbeats2), these headphones are improved and will provide an amazing experience for athletes that want a reliable, quality product that will keep them connected during their workouts. You may be paying a premium price when it comes to the Powerbeats3, but you’re paying for a high quality wireless sports headphone that can also be used outside of the gym every day.

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