The Vegas Golden Knights got their 1st win of the regular season this past Friday against the Dallas Stars winning 2-1. But their twitter account has been winning twitter since the pre-season.

The Knights aren’t one to shy away from firing off shots to other teams especially when they get chirpy as the Sharks found out:

Pure savagery….

or when they took aim to the Canadiens:

If you’re a fan of those teams then you probably got a little heated. If you’re not, then you probably started laughing your ass off.

We can’t say to go around talking smack on every other team. You’ll only get so far but what you do need to do is start treating your twitter account like a conversation. Most teams try to play it safe nowadays cause let’s face it everyone is starting to act like PC Principal but the conversation gets boring.

Imagine it’s gameday and you want to watch the game with some friends. Who do you invite over? Your co-worker who can recite stats or a buddy who is gonna have a few beers, talk smack, and make you laugh?

That’s what twitter needs to be for sports teams. Fans want to follow along with the action and be entertained!

So who is the bro talking with us through the Knights twitter? His name is Dan Marrazza.

I looked him up on LinkedIn and this guy has been around the block with hockey. Here is his summary:

Image result for Dan MarrazzaNational Emmy-winning digital/social media reporter and web producer with a proven track record of covering hockey for NBC,, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Hockey News, New York Times, Hockey Canada, USA Hockey and multiple team websites at the NHL, AHL and ECHL levels.

In addition to my work covering hockey on written and social media platforms, I have also operated the social media accounts of four professional hockey teams, as well as content management systems of team, league and network websites.

To reach me for questions, inquiries or if you are interested in either utilizing my services or plain old networking, please reach out at

I also found this article by the local Fox news station in Vegas written by Mike Doria: click here to read.

In the article Dan states, “You have to talk to the audience and answer questions.  It can’t be a one-sided conversation.  That’s how you get engagement.”

Which I think sums it up perfectly. Talk to your audience and get them engaged.