Couple weeks ago I was cruising on Snapchat when I hit the San Jose Sharks story and saw this photo of a certain camera rig:

This isn’t the greatest photo ever of Timo but that’s not the point. What I was more interested in was the camera in the photo. This is a perfect look into the world of professional sports and what kind of equipment they are using to get those awesome shots we see everyday.

So I got my Indiana Jones Fedora on and went searching for this camera rig.

Okay maybe it wasn’t that big of an adventure…. I found it in less than 5mins. BUT only cause I had already seen a rig similar.

Ladies and Gentleman, the San Jose Sharks are using the DJI Osmo.

The DJI Osmo incorporates three motors to stabilize the camera and move it manually in relation to the handle making sure you always capture the moments you want with no more shakiness. It’s capable of recording in 4K, 1080p, 720p, and capturing 12mp still photos, with a wide-angle prime lens, capturing your images clear and crisp with minimal distortion.

Main controls for the camera and gimbal are on the handle itself, including a joystick that will take you back to nostalgic days of video gaming. The controls are for manual panning and tilting the gimbal. it can be panned over a 320° range, tilt down 35°, and up 135°. It can pan or tilt at a rate of up to 120° per second. The handle also sports the basic buttons like record, start/stop, and a shutter button. You can also control the camera with the DJI GO app which is required by the way to run the camera.

It has a built in Wi-Fi link  which allows the Osmo to be tethered to your mobile phone. Some users have reported that setting your mobile device up with the Osmo can be strenuous at times due to the fact that you have to register and like I said before you can’t actually use the camera without the app which is kind of a draw back. But with that said once you do download the app, register, get the camera up and going it will give you awesome footage like this:

Ask anyone who has taken photos or video for hockey and they’ll tell you that capturing footage like that is almost impossible.

But that impossible comes with a price tag….

As of right now on Amazon the current price tag is $490!

So you’ll be capturing videos like a pro but you’ll also have to pay that pro price tag. But what do you guys think? Is the DJI Osmo worth it? or would rather stick with what you got? Let us know in the comments and I’ll catch you guys next time.