4 Important Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Teammates Success

benefits from celebrating your teammates success

Here are 4 Important Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Teammates Success. As you will find, there are mental, physical, and philosophical benefits when your support your teammates to be their best instead of wondering why that you’re not experiencing that success.

Do you remember when a teammate that you compete for a spot against achieve something great? What was the feeling that you had inside right at that moment? Were you feeling happiness? How about jealousy? Were you frustrated?

How about when you’ve done something great? How do you typically feel?

It’s hard to be excited for people around you that achieve success, especially when you’re competing directly against them in practice for a roster spot. There’s times as an athlete when you think to yourself: Why is everybody else having success? Why am I not experiencing that same level of success?

It’s human nature to question these things.

However, take a step back and just think for a minuteAbout how good you would feel if you were just as happy for the people around you experiencing their success as you are for yourself. You may not understand why, but there are numerous benefits to celebrating the success of your teammates. According to science, celebrating your teammates success creates a sense of optimism within yourself instead of a feeling of uncertainty.

Being happy for your teammates basically comes down to one thing: your attitude. And, the great thing about that is that your attitude it’s one of the three things that you can control in life.

It Puts You Into A Growth Mindset

When you make the decision to praise your teammates for their success, you’re creating a positive mindset within yourself that takes your attitude from: “Well, why can’t I have that?” to “If they can do it, I can do it too. I just need to make the most of my opportunity when I get it.”

That positive form of thinking is what tricks your brain to stop thinking with a fixed mindset and start thinking with a growth mindset.  You no longer think that things happen because that’s just the way that they are. Instead, you start to think that positive change can happen in life as long as you work towards achieving it.

When you celebrate the success of others as if it is your own, it will lead to having a greater appreciation for what you have in life and put you in an optimistic mindset. And an optimistic mindset isn’t just important to being a successful athlete, it’s also important to living a healthy life, both mentally and physically.

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It creates a supportive, positive team culture

Listen – it’s completely understandable that you would think it would be a little silly to be a cheerleader for the people you’re competing against. You can be competitive and supportive at the same time. It’s not that hard. It just has to be genuine. You can be the nastiest competitor on the field, wanting to win every single time you go again somebody. There’s nothing wrong with that. That is why so many elite athletes are so great. they’re nasty and they’re competitive.

However, elite athletes know that there’s a fine line between being competitive and being a bad teammate. Bad teammates want to see their teammates fail instead celebrating their success. That’s why you should celebrate your teammates success: It creates a positive team culture. Celebrating your teammates success is what creates a bond between you and the teammate next to you. It’s what being a teammate is all about. If you can’t be positive about the people you play with, how can you expect your teammates to be positive when you experience your own success?

You have to celebrate your teammates success because it is one of the key building blocks in the foundation of a winning culture. When you create a truly positive atmosphere out of excitement, you create a team that is enjoyable to play on. It can be hard to take the first step, but have the courage show your teammates that you love them and that you’re truly happy for all the positive things at happened to them. It shows maturity on your part it will help you build the positive bond with your teammates I will serve you the rest your life.

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It will make you more successful




Why should you tell celebrate your teammates success? Well the selfish reason would be simple: it will make you more successful as well along. When you associate yourself with successful people you tend to find success yourself. It’s widely known that the five people you spend the most time with in life are a direct reason to your success.

Celebrating your teammates success will also create a more competitive environment, which in turn forces you to become your best. When you celebrate your teammates success, you’re positively encouraging them to continue to improve and bring their best on a daily basis. This forces you to be your best and raise your game.

Lastly, celebrating your teammates success makes you more successful because it creates a competitive team environment where athletes hold each other accountable. That type of culture is what causes athletes to continue to grow and compete with a fire in their belly because they’re never satisfied.  It creates a culture of pushing the envelope every day and strips entitlement, which is the perfect environment for growing as an individual and as an athlete.  It teaches you the important life lessons of having compassion, competitiveness, integrity, and work ethic.

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It will make you more resilient and gritty

Any successful athlete will tell you that you have to have grit if you want to make it to the top. When you celebrate your teammates success and encourage them to improve themselves, you are creating an environment for yourself where you have to be even more competitive so that you don’t get left behind. Your positive support of your teammates is what creates a competitive environment where the cream rises to the top. So how does that make you more gritty and resilient?

Well, it forces you to make a decision. It’s either fight or flight. Show up or ship out. Put in the time or ride the pine. When you have a competitive environment, its either put up or shut up.  There’s no coaches favorites, you have to dig deep down inside and find another level within yourself so that you don’t lose your spot to the teammates you’re competing again.

As you can see, there are some significant benefits to celebrating your teammates success. You will create a competitive environment where teammates support each other and build bonds. And, you will put yourself in a growth mindset that will force you to work your tail off everyday so that you don’t lose your own opportunity.  Competition and camaraderie – The two ingredients to the athletic formula for being successful.


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