3 Steps To Create A College Recruiting Video With Help From Your Current Coach

how to create the best college recruiting video

No matter what sport you play, the college recruiting game is competitive. Coaches are inundated with letters, emails and recruiting videos from prospective student athletes that are hoping to get noticed. 

And, now more than ever, prospective student-athletes are harnessing the power of video to show college coaches their skills. But a common problem amongst recruits is that their highlight videos are viewed rather briefly and don’t garner enough interest from college coaches to gain any traction.

Well, we’re here to help you overcome that hurdle and get more views for your college recruiting video so that you can get noticed and play for the school of your dreams.


  • Form a game plan for your college recruiting video
  • Ask your coach to help you for input on what to put in your video
  • Gather film and edit your video
  • Choose a platform to send your video out to college coaches

But before you start to take those steps, you need to write down the following three steps below so that you go about asking your coach to help with your college recruiting video in the right way. Coaches are very busy and juggle a lot of different balls at the high school level. It’s not their responsibility to get you to the next level. The effort needs to come from you. They provide the support and guidance that you need to make sure that you market yourself to college coaches efficiently and effectively.


First off, you need to be excited about making a college recruiting highlight video if you want your coach to help you. Communicate to them that you’re willing to show up on your own free time to make the video and that you’re willing to put it together. 

There are a ton of apps and resources out there that can show you how to make a college recruiting video that will get you noticed. 

After you have your equipment ready and your apps downloaded, you need to put together an outline of your recruiting video. 

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself about your college recruiting video are: 

  • What type of plays are you going to show on your highlight video?
  • What do you want your college recruiting video to ultimately show college coaches?
  • Do you have the necessary video clips to make an effective highlight video? 
  • If not, what is the game plan for you to obtain those highlight clips so you can put an effective recruiting video together?

Once you have your recruiting video outline put together and have a game plan on how to execute it, it’s time to go to your coach and ask them for their input. 

Your coach is going to have a coach’s perspective on what you need to put in your recruiting video. They know that you are going to want to highlight all of the flashy plays you’ve made. But they also know that as a player, you don’t see the subtle plays and nuances of the game that coaches see. Your coach knows that the subtle plays that you make are what will get you noticed. 

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So, you need to ask your coach if they can help you cut some clips of those types of plays to help round out your video. Once you gets those clips, it’s important to mix them into your video so that you’re not showing the same types of plays over and over again. Small, significant plays make big impressions on college coaches. They show a college coach that you’re a cerebral player that isn’t one dimensional, which could encourage them to believe that you have a lot to bring to their program. 

You should also include a number of significant plays in your college recruiting video that really showcase your talents. You want to have the mentality that you have only 30 seconds to grab a coach’s attention, so you need to highlight your skills as boldly and quickly as possible. 

If you have a video clip of a play where you went for big yards, scored an unbelievable goal, or robbed the opposition, put it in there. You need to show that you have the ability and athleticism that are required to play at the college level. 


Before you put together your final product, you should show your coach your recruiting video before you send it out to colleges. Ask for their honest feedback and what the video is missing. Take all of their input and try to implement it into your recruiting video so that it stands out. 

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If your coach feels that you have too many plays that look similar, then follow their suggestions and change it up. They have an eye for the little things that college coaches are looking for and want to help you out. Don’t take their criticism personally and be open to their suggestions. They’re trying to help you out. 

Once your coach gives you the thumbs up on your recruiting video, ask them to help you devise a game plan so that the both of you can perform follow up after a college coach watches your video. 


Once your video has been uploaded, it’s important to keep it updated. As you continue to make progress throughout the season, you should update your college recruiting video accordingly so that any coach can check out your latest and greatest. 

And, there are a lot of great college recruiting services out there such as Hudl. Hudl is a sports video service that allows you to create a personal profile where coaches can view your latest plays once you upload them. It’s an extremely popular  service with NCAA schools and high school programs that move countless student-athletes into the NCAA. We highly recommend that you sign up for it and start using it today. 

Follow these three steps to ask your coach for help in creating a college recruiting video that will get you noticed. If you liked this video and want to help spread some knowledge to athletes who are trying to get recruited, share this article with your inner circle on social media and let us know what you think in the comments below!

How To Create The Best College Recruiting Video To Get You Noticed