This Basketball Training App Changes How Players Practice


Technology is becoming more prominent in the lives of athletes every day.  From the time that we get up to the time that we get ready to crash, athletes around the world are using it in some way, shape, or form. Today, with the technology market being larger than ever, the evolution of sports training is making its way computers, tablets, wearable devices and mobile devices to try and help us achieve our goals. Recently, technology has entered the basketball training space to revolutionize the way that players practice individually, and as a team. Players around the world can now track their analytics when shooting hoops in their driveway, courtesy of the ShotTracker for Basketball training system.

ShotTracker Will Make Your Basketball Training Regimen Efficient

Endorsed by NBA Champion & Golden State Warrior Splash Brother Klay Thompson, the ShotTracker is a basketball training system that allows basketball players to track their shooting data over the course of a solo session and allow them to better understand their shooting habits. On top of retrieving all of your shooting data, the ShotTracker also gives you access to their premium Elite Workouts and Virtual Challenges & Camps.  The ShotTracker’s basketball training content is available to encourage players to train on their own and have the confidence to put themselves through a high quality shooting session without having a coach present.

Through attaching a wearable sensor on your shooting arm (through a common elastic sweatband) and a net sensor, the ShotTracker technology syncs up with your phone and delivers data back to your mobile device as your progress through your shooting workout.  All you have to do is hook up the data tracker to your basketball hoop’s netting, thrown on the sweatband, and fire up the app to start tracking your shot attempts, total makes and misses, as well as your shooting proximity to understand where your shooting strengths and weaknesses are on the court.

All of your shooting session data is delivered to an interface on your phone or tablet where you can view your total performance for the day, week, month, or even year to see how much time you are actually putting in to become a better basketball player.  Setting up the sensors takes only a couple of minutes and the ShotTracker’s portability allows you to take it with you anywhere so that you can continue to track your data wherever you go to shoot hoops. However, whenever someone shoots on your hoop, the ShotTracker will register that shot.  So, you will need to be training by yourself if you want to have an accurate report come back to you.

The battery life for the net sensor will run for about 3 months while the wearable sensor will go roughly around 8 hours on a single charge.  The ShotTracker comes with a charging station that connects to a power source via microUSB and can charge both the net sensor and the wearable sensor at the same time.

The application is available for both Apple iOS and Android, and will be the complete interface for how you interact with the entire system.  You will be able to start your shoot around workouts, reference drills, and evaluate your stats to see where you are falling short in your shooting game to make the necessary adjustments to become better.

When it comes to accessing drills and workouts for your basketball training regimen, the ShotTracker does not disappoint through its multi-tiered levels for players in the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and “Klay Thompson” levels. You can even have your coach send you practices or workouts if you’re an elite baller and the ShotTracker practices aren’t getting it done for you.

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ShotTracker’s TEAM Feature Gives Coaches Essential Data

Coaches that run serious programs can track much more via ShotTracker’s Team application. The ShotTracker Team System ($2,500 + installation costs) allows coaches to have an entire bevy of data sent to them in real time during practices to understand each athlete’s up-to-the-minute performance that day. The application, which is a little more complex than the individual product, gives coaches a real time statistician and allows them to evaluate the data as it happens.  There is no time lag with the ShotTracker technology, helping eliminate the countless hours of breaking down film after practice to chart team statistics. ShotTracker’s Team setup requires sensors to be installed in your practice facility and to have players wear the ShotTracker sensors while using the ShotTracker Spalding basketball.  The set up for your team will be much more elaborate and require an installation process to get your team up and running.

The ShotTracker is available on Amazon today.

Still, when you think about it, the $2,500 starting price tag is still relatively cheap when it comes to comparing it to the cost of hiring someone as well as the hours and effort required to to track all of that data.  Not only do coaches have the statistics available in real time through the Team system, they have a wide range of data available such as box scores, shot charts, and complete practice reports.  All of this complex data is delivered to an interface that is clean and simple for coaches to use.   With all technology there is a learning curve that has to be tackled,, however the ShotTracker does a fantastic job of bringing that learning curve to as much of a minimum as possible.

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Verdict – Buy

What’s really great about the ShotTracker System is that it is a fantastic product for players that want to see how they’re truly performing when it comes to the data of their shooting. The ShotTracker provides an easy to use interface with a portable, lightweight, easy to set up system that holds a very decent battery life.

The ShotTracker allows players to analyze all of the necessary details all the way down to the location on the court when it comes to shooting analytics.  What’s exciting is that after approximately a month or so of practicing, players will actually start to see a trend within the data and understand if they are really improving and getting better at their shooting statistics.  If you want to get better at the game of basketball and have the desire to practice on your own, then you need the ShotTracker to understand if you’re truly making a statistical improvement.  When it comes to understanding your performance through practicing on your own, there is no better wearable right now on the market for basketball training than the ShotTracker.