50 Best Cameron Hanes Quotes to Motivate You To Keep Hammering

50 motivational Cameron Hanes quotes to inspire you to make the most of your day.

Cameron Hanes is an American bowhunting athlete who’s famously known for pushing his body to the limit everyday. Everyday, Cam Hanes inspires athletes around the world as he documents his pursuit in becoming what he describes as the “Ultimate Predator”. On top of being a world famous bow hunter, Cam Hanes is also an Under Armour athlete (who has the fastest selling boot in Under Armour’s history) and runs approximately 22 miles a day. He’s an all-American badass, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best Cameron Hanes quotes to keep you focused on your goals. 

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If you want to keep up with Hanes on Instagram, you’ll have to wake up early since he crushes marathons at 3:00 am while you’re sleeping comfortably in your warm bed. His masculine lifestyle has garnered him a celebrity status and massive social media following, but despite all of the fame, Cameron Hanes is a regular guy. He still has a full time job outside of bowhunting and his rigorous training schedule. His masculine, no fluff personality and unbearable work ethic are why he has earned the respect of people who are seeking to push themselves on a daily basis. 

Keep Hammering: Cameron Hanes’s Secret to Refueling His Body After Breaking It Down

If you’ve ever wanted to follow someone who will teach you how to harden up, Cameron Hanes is the one to follow. It’s almost impossible to not feel the adrenaline pumping through your body when you watch him train. He squashes any excuse he could possibly have and pushes his mind, body and spirit to the limit everyday. 

50 Best Cameron Hanes Quotes To Inspire You to Work Harder

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50. ”If you’re relentless, you can’t be denied.” – Cameron Hanes

49. “I’m thankful for the people in my life who would love to see me fail.” – Cameron Hanes

48. “If I couldn’t give 100%, then I wouldn’t want to give any.” – Cameron Hanes

47. “My goal is to be the very best I can be. That takes a lot of physical and mental conditioning. I push myself physically so that I can test myself mentally so that it pays off when I’m in the mountains.” – Cameron Hanes

46. “Any day that you can run up a mountain is a good day.” – Cameron Hanes

45. “You can achieve all of your dreams with hard work.” – Cameron Hanes

44. “To become the person I want to be – It’s hard work, dedication, and no shortcuts.” – Cameron Hanes

43. “Just keep grinding. I’m not where I want to be, but I can’t get to where i want to be by chilling out.” – Cameron Hanes

42. “Don’t worry about negative people or spend any time agonizing about guys who aren’t committed to being their best or helping (inspiring others) to make positive strides in life. We have so much to be thankful for, yet regardless, there will always be a number of negative people who would sooner see you fail than surpass them. Steer clear of such negative energy and surround yourself with people who have the self-confidence to encourage your efforts while supporting their own.” – Cameron Hanes

41. “Perfection is the only thing that makes it happen. It’s about performing at crunch time.” – Cameron Hanes

#40 of the Best Cameron Hanes Quotes: “Fear is a liar.”

39. “I don’t care what you do. Just get out there.” – Cameron Hanes

38. ”There’s a lot of negativity going on. I just want to be a guy who can inspire others. The word I like – it’s not hunter. It’s endure. Just endure. Life. Hard times. A race. Just battle.” – Cameron Hanes

37. “You have to practice every day. You have to be thinking about it every day. Most people are just not going to have either the time or the inclination or the discipline or whatever it is, the mental fortitude, whatever it is, to do that right.” – Cameron Hanes 

36. “If I go out a run the mountain when it’s sunny, I don’t feel as good as when I run it in the pouring rain. It’s easy to go out and do things when it’s only sunny.” – Cameron Hanes

35. “How does one really know their limits unless they push them to the max?” – Cameron Hanes

34. “The greater the endurance I have, the more success I have.” – Cameron Hanes

33. “In bow hunting, there’s a fine line between success and failure. If you’re gonna be on the right side of that, you’re gonna need to be able to overcome and endure.” – Cameron Hanes

32. “They don’t make statues of critics…” – Cameron Hanes

31. “The problem isn’t believing you can’t achieve any goal you set. The problem is others projecting their own self doubt on you. Ignore the doubters. Train more. Fight harder. Go further.” – Cameron Hanes

#30 of the Best Cameron Hanes Quotes: “If you were blind, ask yourself how badly you’d like to see. If pushing yourself to your limits could give you site, would you do it? If there was a cure, would you let anything stand in your way? Would you risk the haters and the critics to see you again? Be blind.”

29. “No challenge is too great for the motivated. Dream bigger. Achieve more.” – Cameron Hanes

28. “If something is easy, I’m not attracted to it. I want it to be hard. I want it to be difficult.” – Cameron Hanes 

27. “Having support from your peers and respect from your peers is a significant part of maturing and evolving into a man.” – Cameron Hanes

26. “I’m always trying to juggle time and steal minutes here and there. That’s why I get up at 4 in the morning to workout before work.” – Cameron Hanes

25. “I can’t make any mistakes. I don’t have enough time to mess around, bump elk, and not take advantage of an opportunity. I need to be perfect. That’s the only way I take a bull home.” – Cameron Hanes

24. “Where I came from, people would rather see you fail than succeed. Who was I to dream big? I felt like proving people wrong.” – Cameron Hanes 

23. “My biggest battle in life is ‘Me vs. Time’” – Cameron Hanes

22. “Failing and living through a crushing type of experience told me that I don’t want to feel like that anymore. It hurt so bad that I told myself that I have to work harder so that I don’t fail and blow my next opportunity.” – Cameron Hanes

21. “I’m not some amazing athlete. I’m not the best shot in the world. I guarantee that there are better hunters than me. But, I won’t stop – that’s the difference.” – Cameron Hanes 

#20 of the Best Cameron Hanes Quotes: “What inspires me is the fear of failure.”

19. “Your body gets used to what you ask of it. If you don’t ask much of your body, it’s not going to give you much. If you ask a lot, it’s going to give you a lot.” – Cameron Hanes

18. “I don’t feel like I’m overly talented. I work very hard and I feel like it’s the only reason I’ve had the success that I’ve had.” – Cameron Hanes

17. “For those who say that I do too much, I say thank you.” – Cameron Hanes

16. “When I fail, that’s on me. I tell myself that I didn’t do enough, I didn’t prepare enough, I wasn’t mentally strong enough, so I crumbled.” – Cameron Hanes 

15. “The way I am now is where there is no stone left unturned. There’s nothing else that I can do at a higher level to prepare for the hunt. I don’t have those nagging ‘what-ifs’ because I know that I can’t do anymore.” – Cameron Hanes

14. “When it comes to your journey, you can’t shortcut it. You have to learn the tough lessons. That journey is what makes it special, it’s the reason why I am who I am today.” – Cameron Hanes 

13. “To know what success is, you have to fail. A lot of people want to get to the top without ever being at the bottom.” – Cameron Hanes

12. “I love being exhausted. I love knowing that I have nothing else to give. That’s consistency.” – Cameron Hanes

11. “It’s 7 days a week, just giving everything that I have and never being satisfied.” – Cameron Hanes

Top 10 Cameron Hanes Quotes to Motivate You to Keep Hammering

10. “It’s a daily grind. It’s giving everything that I have and never being satisfied. That’s it.” – Cameron Hanes

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9. “My definition of consistency is punching that time clock every day.” – Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes consistency quotes

8. “Obstacles can’t stop you. Weather can’t stop you. Heartbreak can’t stop you. Failure can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.” – Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes quotes about failure

7. “I learned quickly that the harder I worked, the more success I would have.” – Cameron Hanes

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6. “All I care about is success. I’m going to do whatever it takes to succeed against all odds and all circumstances and be the very best bow hunter that I could be.” – Cameron Hanes

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5. “How can I break down my mental barrier and be stronger than I’ve ever been?” – Cameron Hanes

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4. ”Here’s the deal. If you want to be the ultimate predator, you’re gonna have to ramp it up. That’s a race that never ends.” – Cameron Hanes

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3. “It’s all mental.” – Cameron Hanes

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2. “Nobody Cares. Work Harder.” – Cameron Hanes

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1. “Keep Hammering.” – Cameron Hanes

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We hope you liked our list of the best Cameron Hanes quotes that are guaranteed to motivate you to work harder. Always remember to keep hammering and remind yourself with these quotes from Cameron Hanes that nobody cares about your problems. Work harder. Achieve your goals. Make your life everything that you want it to be.