15 Best Compression Socks For Women and Men

Shorten your recovery time and start reaping the benefits of using compression socks.

best compression socks for athletes

On top of creating a complete guide on the benefits of using compression socks, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best compression socks for women and men that you can buy today. 

Have you ever dealt with tired, swollen and aching feet at the end of the day? Of course you have. When we push our bodies to the limit on a daily basis, we tend to neglect the one body part that we put through the ringer: OUR FEET. And, if your feet are exhausted as the day winds down, it may be time for you to invest in some the best compression socks to relieve

What are compression socks? 

Compression socks are tightfitting socks that are specifically designed to apply pressure to your feet (and calves) in order to increase blood flow to your lower legs. By using a tightly woven fabric that applies constant pressure to your lower extremities, they increase blood flow through your veins and promote healthy circulation throughout your entire body. 

They’re specially designed socks that help alleviate swelling decrease your chances of getting blood clots in your lower legs, especially if you sit down or travel for extended periods of time. And in order to meet your needs, compression socks come in a variety of different fabrics and lengths that range from the mid-thigh all the way down to ankle compression socks.

They come in a variety of lengths:

Compression Ankle Socks: Pretty self-explanatory. They’re compression socks that are either ankle length or are no-show length. Additionally, ankle compression socks are popular amongst athletes because they look like normal athletic socks.

Knee Length Compression Socks: Travel over your feet and cover your calves before they stop at the knees. Knee-high compression socks are generally a little longer than normal calf length athletic socks. They’re more popular with avid runners, people who travel frequently and people who sit down for extended periods of time.

Mid Thigh Compression Socks: The most serious of all compression socks that travel over the knees and stop in the mid thigh area. They’re generally for people who experience circulatory complications, so you should consult your doctor if you are considering using these.

They come in a variety of compression:

Mild pressure (Less the 15 mmHg): The most popular pressure rating amongst people new to using socks with compression. This degree of pressure helps combat daily fatigue from being on your feet and is popular for daily active use. If you’re looking to buy a pack of the best compression socks and use them on a daily basis, we recommend that you start with this pressure. 

Moderate Pressure (Between 15 to 20 mmHg): This level of compression is the best for people who experience swelling in their legs. The moderate compression is ideal for people who fly frequently or who fly on long flights. The reason why is because when you’re exposed to higher altitudes, you increase your risk of experiencing the complications or symptoms from DVT (deep vein thrombosis). 

High Pressure (20 to 40 mmHg): These are the highest level of compression socks for women and men that you can buy. They’re considered medical grade and are usually used following surgery. So, unless you’ve been ordered to do so by a doctor, we recommend staying away from high-pressure compression if you’re new to using them. 

What are the benefits of compression socks?

There are numerous health benefits to using socks with compression technology. Plus, they’re easy to experience. 

First off, wearing compression socks lowers your risk for DVT (deep vein thrombosis). DVT is a condition where a clot forms in the deep veins of your body. The reason why DVT is a serious issue is that the clot can break off from its point of origin and travel throughout your body. And, that clot could ultimately travel to an area of the body (lungs, brain, heart) and be fatal. 

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On top of lowering your risk of DVT, there are many other benefits of wearing compression socks. They’re exploding in popularity amongst active people as well because they help reduce symptoms of plantar fasciitis. The best compression socks provide a tight fit that supports your feet throughout your workout and helps reduce symptoms of pain as well. 

There are several brands of compression socks available today which help provide an elevated level of comfort and support when compared to regular athletic socks.  They also alleviate heel pain symptoms as well and reduce swelling by stimulating blood flow. 

However, there are some precautions you should take before you start using compression socks and experiencing the health benefits from them.

Do compression socks work?

The answer is yes

There are many benefits of wearing compression socks on a daily basis. They provide pain relief for many athletes around the world on a daily basis and help runners deal with plantar fasciitis. Outside of a few medical exceptions, there is very little risk associated from wearing them.  But, to be on the safe side, you should consult your doctor before using them if you:

  • Have any present nerve damage in your legs
  • Currently have or had a history of arterial disease
  • Dermatitis or weak skin

If you don’t have any of those possible conditions listed above, you should still consult your doctor before using compression socks. One you receive your doctor’s approval, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of wearing compression socks such as:

  • Increasing circulation throughout your body
  • Relieving foot pain and calf pain
  • Minimizing swelling in your feet

How to Use Compression Socks

When it comes to using them, it’s rather simple. All you have to do is slide the socks on your feet. However, depending on the size of your legs and the compression strength of your socks, that may be easier said than done. That’s because the best compression socks available today are made of tightly woven fabrics to ensure that they perform correctly. A problem that you may run into when using them is that the difficulty to get them on your feet (or legs) increases as you opt for a longer pair (knee-high or thigh-high). The difficulty also increases with the added compression strength.

If you’re having trouble putting on your compression socks right out of the box, don’t worry. They’re supposed to be tight fitting. But, if you can’t get them on, you can use baby powder on your feet and legs to assist you in slipping into your compression socks. You may need to use the powder for the first couple of times you use the socks until you break them in. As you become more comfortable and more familiar with the process of putting on compression socks, you can ween yourself away from using baby powder. 

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They also come in a variety of fabrics and can range from knee-high to thigh-high. Since they tend to be more comfortable, knee-high socks are typically a good place to start. If you need them for a serious medical reason like preventing DVT following surgery, ask your doctor if that length will work for you.

Depending on your need, you can consider wearing them all day long (though you should take them off before you go to bed), or just for when you’re working out. Compression socks can be helpful for many athletes, but you should always talk to your doctor before you decide to add them to your workout wardrobe.

Since there are many reasons why you should own and experience the benefits of using them, we’ve created a list of the best compression socks you can buy. Each one of these pairs has been tested, reviewed, and given the Spongecoach Seal of Approval.

The 15 Best Knee High and No Show Compression Socks

15 Best Compression Socks for Women and Men (Athletes)

Physix Gear Knee High Socks

Physix Gear Knee High Compression Socks

Made from a synthetic blend of tightly woven fibers that are designed to last are the Physix Gear Compression Socks. Not only are they stylish, but they’re extremely durable since they’re made from doublestitched fabric and hold their tight shape even after being washed. What we like about the Physix compression socks is that they’re comfortable. You don’t have to worry about seams tearing apart or rubbing together. They’re one of the best compression socks you can buy because of their stay-put cuffs that lock your feet into place and give you the extra cushioning you want. Not only are they some of the most supportive compression socks you can buy, they’re also extremely fashionable and wick moisture away from your skin. You’ll be stylish, comfortable and cool at the same time while you pound the pavement with the Physix Gear.

TX Athletic Knee High Socks

Tx Athletic Compression Socks For Women and Men

Designed specifically for athletes are the TX Athletic Knee High Compression Socks. The TX’s tightly woven synthetic blend fibers deliver a solid compression of 20 to 30 mmHg, which will help alleviate leg swelling and minimize fatigue. The TX’s are specifically designed to have the highest level of compression at the foot, which slightly tapers off as the sock travels up your calves. These popular compression socks are also cushioned throughout the bottom of the foot to provide added comfort for athletes who are hitting it hard. They’re also moisture wicking and odor free, keeping you dry and stink free throughout the day.

CEP Athletic Knee High Socks

There can be a strong argument made that the best compression sock brand on the market is CEP. Their socks are designed especially for athletes so that they provide a functional and comfortable fit while reducing the potential for cramping, swelling, and fatigue in your lower legs. They’re made out of an 85% Polyamide/15% Elastane blend that gives you 20-30 mmHg of moderate compression to help increase circulation through a comfortable fit. The CEP compression sock’s unique design also allows air to flow through the socks, which will keep you cool throughout your workout. They’re also equipped with cushioned bottoms and a seamless toe closure, making them some of the most comfortable compression socks available today.

SB SOX Knee High Socks

If you’re in the market for some of the best fitting compression socks that you can find, we suggest that you try the SB SOX Knee High Compression Socks. They provide 20-30mmHg of compression and slide smoothly over your feet and calves due to their tight-knit synthetic blend. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy the fit and the breathability of these compression socks because they come in four different sizes to fit every type of foot. They’re also some of the best anti-static and anti-odor compression socks that you can buy and would serve as a great gift for runners and people who love to workout.

Doc Miller Premium Compression Socks

Doc Miller Premium Compression Socks

Another popular brand of compression socks is Doc Miller. Doc Miller’s are some of the most comfortable compression socks you can buy due to their 77% Nylon/23% Spandex tightly woven blend. They provide a unique, seamless fit provides 20-30 mmHg of compression that allows you to alleviate swelling, aches, and pains. They’re also perfect for a variety of different athletes as they come in closedtoe, toeless, and calf sleeves. Plus, we believe they’re some of the best looking argyle compression socks you can find.

Sockwell Knee High Socks

If you are looking for the best compression socks made of merino wool, you need to check out these made by Sockwell. It’s unique 32% Merino Wool/31% Rayon Bamboo/31% Stretch Nylon/5% Spandex blend makes your feet feel like they’re sitting in a compression cloud. The Sockwell Compression Socks are equipped with the company’s Accu-fit Technology, which provides a graduated compression made of high performance yarns that keep you cool and dry. They’re some of the most comfortable compression socks on the market that provide extra arch support to help with plantar fasciitis and a lightly cushioned sole. Plus, they’re made in the USA, which means you’re getting a high quality compression sock that’s going to last you a long time.

Copper Fit Knee High Socks

Commper Fit Knee High Compression Socks

Another trusted brand of compression socks who delivers a high-quality and trusted product is Copper Fit. Their copper infused compression socks with anti-odor technology have been popular amongst athletes and travelers for years due to their soft, comfortable fit. The copper-infused fabric helps increase circulation and the copper reinforced sole of the sock helps alleviate aches and pains from being on your feet all day. If you’re looking for a pair of the best compression socks for everyday use, you can’t go wrong with Copper Fit.

FuelMeFoot Knee High Copper Socks

While we’re on the topic of copper compression socks, you need to check out these knee-high socks from FuelMeFoot. The tightly woven fibers of these are completely infused with copper, which helps stimulate your blood circulation throughout your lower legs. They’re also the perfect compression socks for most people as they provide 15-20 mmHg of compression and leave you feeling comfortable throughout an entire day. On top of being copper-infused, the FuelMeFoot’s are also moisture-wicking and odor-resistant as well. If you suffer from aching legs and want to reduce fatigue in your feet and calves, then you have to give the FuelMeFoot compression socks a shot. They’ll leave you feeling comfortable and cool while minimizing your lower leg pain as you go throughout your day.

Laite Hebe Knee High Socks

Throw your lower leg pain out the window when you slide on a pair of Laite Hebe Knee High Compression Socks. Also, the high-quality blend of fibers that deliver 360-degrees of stretch is what make these the best compression socks for most people. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing them at the gym or while you’re walking around town, you’ll love the seamless fit and amazing feel of these moderate compression socks. They’re also odor resistant and moisture-wicking, which makes them one of the best gifts for athletes who need new socks. The Laite Hebe are also some of the fashionable compression socks for women as they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Crucial Knee High Socks

If you want some of the best socks to wear for the gym, then you need to add the Crucial compression socks to your workout wardrobe. They’re some of the best compression socks for your money because they provide 20-30 mmHg of moderate compression through the sock’s power support technology. What does that mean? Well, more oxygen and blood flow through your lower legs so that you can increase circulation while you alleviate any pain from plantar fasciitis. They’re not too hot, don’t bunch up, and come with a specially constructed double stitching design that provides a snug, breathable fit on your feet. The Crucial moisturewicking compression socks also have a reinforced shock absorbing toe and cushioned heel, making them some of the best compression socks for runners that you can buy. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of these – you won’t be disappointed.

CEP No Show Socks

CEP No Show Compression Socks

If you want all of the benefits from wearing a compression sock but aren’t a fan of the knee-high options, you should pick up CEP’s No Show Socks. They’re some of the best compression ankle socks for running that will help minimize swelling and fatigue while you’re putting your body through the grinder. They’ve got padded cushioning on the bottom, a noslip heel tab, and the seamless toe closure helps prevent any blisters or rubbing from hot spots. Plus, the 89% Polyamide/11% Elastane blend is guaranteed by CEP to hold its compression for over 150 washes. With high-tech synthetic fibers that are both durable and breathable, the CEP Compression Ankle Socks are the perfect option for athletes.

Balega No Show Socks

If you need some athletic socks that offer both compression and anti-odor technology, then the Balega socks are going to be the best option for you. They’re infused with antibacterial silver ions in the sock fibers in order to keep your feet dry and odor-free. The Balega socks also have a dynamic knit pattern that is specifically designed to mimic the fit of a running shoe. This silver infused athletic sock’s superior technology also provides various levels of tension and extra cushioning in the areas that you need them as well. Most importantly, you’ll love the glove-like fit of these right out of the box due to the seamless toe box, high tab heel, and extra deep heel pocket.

SB Sox No Show Socks

If you’re new to wearing compression clothing and want to test the waters before you jump in, we suggest that you pick up a pair of the SB Sox No Show Ankle Socks. They’re on the lighter compression side (15-20 mmHg) and are a great compression sock for runners to use. They’re not too tight, plus they’re lightweight and breathable so that you don’t have to deal with sweaty feet. What we love about the SB Sox is that they provide an unmatched, comfortable fit that leaves your feet feeling great throughout the entire workout. Plus, the anti-odor and anti-static fibers of the sock fight against the growth of bacteria and fungus, which leaves the sock fresh even after you use it. They’re also one of the best gifts for runners who are thinking about adding compression socks to their workout routine and aren’t sure about where to start.


If you’re looking for a superior feel to your athletic socks, then you should consider UgUpGrade’s no show socks. They’re made of Merino wool, which means that they could possibly be the softest and most comfortable athletic socks you’ll ever use. The high-quality wool feel and anti-blister compression fit make these some of the best fitting athletic socks you can buy that also offer moderate compression. The UgUpGrade socks are also equipped with moisture-wicking technology and come with a deep heel pocket that eliminates bunching and gives you that customized fit that you’ve always wanted. Plus, the soles of the sock are reinforced with added cushioning in highstress areas, making them some of the best compression ankle socks for athletes to wear.

Tommie Copper Ankle Socks

If you’re looking for a no-show compression ankle sock with copper, then you need to pick up the Tommie Copper Ankle Compression Socks. They’re equipped with a contoured cushion heel and toe that are designed to flow with the shape of your feet. The Tommie Coppers also have a seamless toe and reinforced compression throughout the arch that provides phenomenal comfort and durability in high wear areas of the sock. Plus, with these copper-infused socks, you’ll experience all of the anti-odor and anti-fatigue benefits from copper. They’re made in the USA out of a high blend of copperinfused synthetic fibers, making them one of the most durable and reliable brands you can buy from.