7 Best Grip Strengtheners To Build an Iron-Clad Grip

The Absolute Best Grip Strengtheners and Grip Trainers For Athletes

best grip strengtheners for athletes

These are the five best grip strengtheners that will help you forge an iron clad grip.

You may not be aware of it, but your lack of grip strength is holding you back. There’s a reason why a strong grip is directly correlated to an athlete’s overall strength profile. That reason is due to many years of research that directly correlates grip strength with the quality of a person’s overall health.

You can pretty much bet that the athletes with the strongest grips are the usually the best performers in the weight room. It’s led to measuring grip strength as a standard of measure for a person’s overall strength.

Benefits of Grip Strength Training - Best Grip Strengtheners for Athletes

What are the benefits from grip strength training?

No matter what form of weight training you implement into your workout routine, you will perform much better with a strong grip than you would if you chose to not train your grip.

On top of developing defined forearms for the cameras, you’ll experience a number of other benefits from grip strength training. You’ll increase your overall hand strength, increase your muscular endurance throughout your hands, and build nimbleness and dexterity throughout your fingers.

Not only will you become stronger, but you’ll help your hands become injury proof. And in a world where we constantly use technology devices, its extremely important that you exercise your hands to combat against the effects of carpal tunnel.

You Can Lift More With A Strong Grip

When you’re weightlifting, it’s the tiny muscles are the first ones to fail. And, those tiny muscles are prevalent throughout your hands and forearms.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing pull-ups, rows, deadlifts or any other lifts that require your hands to clasp the bar. When you train yourself to have stronger hands by using a grip strengthener, you’ll dramatically improve your performance in your lifts.

That’s because when you train the muscles in your fingers, palms and forearms, you build the necessary strength that’s required for them to carry heavy loads. So, it’s vital to your success as an athlete to use one of these best grip strengtheners that are on the market today.

A Stronger Grip Will Increase Your Sports Performance

And if you’re an athlete that plays a stick sport (baseball, hockey, lacrosse), having a gorilla grip on your stick is vital to your success and skill development. There’s a ton of grip strength required to properly shooting pucks with authority, passing lacrosse balls with precision and driving a baseballs deep into the cheap seats. None of those things can happen with a weak grip, which is why it’s important to use the best grip strengtheners on the market to train your hands.

Building a strong grip is is important for athletes who play ball sports as well. The stronger your grip, the harder it is for your opponent to take the ball away from you. You can put more spin on your throws or passes when you have a strong grip and strong fingers. You’ll also able to use your hands and increased finger strength in order to push, swim, and swat away from your opponents covering you.

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When it comes to combat sports, a strong grip is beneficial to you for a number of obvious reasons. Your increased grip strength allows you to stronger control holds on your opponents. A stronger grip also allows you to clamp down on your holds and finish your moves with strength when your opponent is doused in sweat and you’re dog tired.

As you can see, there are a ton of strength and performance benefits from having a strong grip. The benefits listed above are just a snapshot of the performance benefits you’ll experience from developing a strong grip.

Best Types of Grip Strengtheners for Athletes

What are the best types of hand grip strengtheners?

There are a wide variety of grip strengtheners available today that claim to be the best at helping you build your grip strength.

But, through rigorous squeezing and rotating, we’ve determined which of the best grip strengtheners you should buy today. Below is a list of the most common types of grip strengtheners available today.

Coil Strengtheners

One of the most popular and best grip strengtheners that you can buy are coil strengtheners. These devices strengthen your grip by using two handles that are attached to a coil that causes tension at the top of the grip. When you squeeze the grip with your hand, the coil at the top of the hand strengthener tightens up and works to open up your hand. You can place the coil at the top of your grip between your thumb and index finger, or you can use a coil strengthener by placing the coil at the bottom of you hand by your palm. All you have to do is squeeze away to start building grip strength.

Spring Strengtheners

Another popular form of grip strength trainers are spring strengtheners. These hand grip strengthening devices provide resistance through an internal spring. As you close the device, the spring provides resistance through the spring, which then expands as you let it back out. The expansion of the spring forces your muscles to continue to work in order to keep the spring in control as it returns to its starting position. Whether you want to go for speed or for resistance, you can contract the device at your own pace.

Ball Grip Strengtheners

You may have seen ball grip strengtheners throughout your life. Dubbed as “stress balls”, ball grip strengtheners are one of the most popular hand grip trainers amongst physical therapists and corporate board rooms across the world.

A Ball grip strengthener is pretty much straight forward – It’s an egg shaped bag that filled with either a coarse or fine sand. All you do is place the bag in your hand and start squeezing it to build your grip strength. Each bag can have a different degree of difficulty depending on how fine or coarse it’s sand is. Plus, you can build grip strength in your fingers or your palm depending on where you place the dang bag in your hand.

Finger Strengtheners

One of the best grip strengtheners that specialize in individual finger strength is the finger strengthener. The unique design of these grip strength trainers allow you to strengthen your grip by each finger.

When it comes to finger grip strengtheners, there’s two types of devices that are popular with athletes. The first device is a finger grip strengthener that sits in your palm and has four separate buttons (one for each finger) that provide resistance through a spring when you push them down.

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The second device provides resistance in a way that is similar to resistance bands. You use the device by wrapping each of your fingers individually through a provided loop and expand your hand. The loops are connected to a resistance band that provides resistance as you open your hand. This reverse action allows you to build strength in the muscles located in the back of your hands and into your forearms.

Gyroscopic Grip Strengtheners

One of the new grip strengtheners for athletes on the market today is the spinning gyroscopic grip strengthener. This lightweight ball sits within a plastic housing that is attached to a rotor. As you spin the rotor within the ball, momentum builds up and the ball starts to fight and rotate against you. The resistance from the ball forces you to use your grip and all of the muscles within your hands and forearms in order to stabilize the device while you continue to spin it.

Ring Strengtheners

No, they’re not rubber donuts. Even though you might be inclined to try and eat them, ring strengtheners are actually one of the best grip trainers you can buy.

Ring grip strengtheners are pretty straight forward – they’re rings, and they’re made out of rubber. All you do is place the ring in your hand and squeeze. Once squeezed, the ring will work to expand back into its starting shape, providing you with resistance on the contraction and retraction of the exercise.

The Best Grip Strengtheners For Athletes

Best Grip Strengtheners for Athletes to Build A Strong Grip

MummyFit Grip Strengthener

MummyFit Grip Strengthener

One of the most versatile hand and grip strengtheners that is available today is the MummyFit Grip Strengthener and Hand Exerciser. You’ll feel it’s high quality materials made from thermoplastic nylon and steel right when you pick it up for the first time.

The MummyFit is one of the best spring grip trainers on the market for several reasons. On top of it’s high quality design, it’s one of the quietest grip strengtheners that you can buy due to its sold steel compression spring. Plus, both beginner and expert athletes can use the MummyFit with its adjustable resistance range of 55-154 lbs. As you continue to build your grip strength, all you need is to turn the MummyFit’s resistance dial so that you can add a little more tension.

If you want a top rated grip strengthener that is adjustable in resistance and built out of solid materials, then you need to go with the MummyFit Grip Trainer. It’s adjustable tension dial will keep you motivated and high quality materials will outlast you no matter how hard you try to squeeze it.

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

No matter what sport you play, odds are that you’re going to need strong fingers in order to be the best. If you’re looking for the best finger strength trainer because you want build superior digit strength, you need to pick up the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser. It’s one of the best finger strengtheners out there today and it’s being used by athletes and physical therapists around the world.

What sets the Gripmaster above other finger strengthen trainers is that it can provide up to 7 pounds of resistance per finger. You may think that’s not a lot of resistance, but when it comes to pounds of resistance per finger, it’s a ton of resistance. And, Gripmaster is able to do this through their patented spring-loaded pistons that provide resistance for each individual finger. So, instead of having other muscles in your hand compensate for a weak finger, you can isolate your weaker fingers and train them to bring them up to speed.

The Gripmaster is one of the best plastic grip strengtheners you can buy that individually isolates your fingers and challenges muscles in your hands that you’ve been neglecting in the past. It’s the perfect training accessory for working your hands out on a daily basis, which is why it’s one of the best grip trainers that you can buy today.

Vive Ring Grip Trainer

Vive Ring Grip Strengthener

Another one of the best grip strengtheners for athletes is the Vive Ring Grip Trainer. These premium silicone ring grip strengtheners are tear-resistant, odorless, and most important of all – they’re quiet. If you’re trying to rehab your grip because of a recent injury or surgery, the Vive Hand Strengthener Ring Set is a phenomenal option.

This complete hand grip trainer set comes with six total rings that provide 10 lb.-60 lb. of resistance in 10 lb. increments. Plus, due to the various resistance levels, you can due a variety of exercises including pinching, crushing and hand extensions. The progressive resistance levels allow you to do interval grip training and create a grip strengthening workout that builds strength and speed. Plus, the 3.45” diameter of the Vive Grip Training Rings fit universally in pretty much everyone’s hands, which makes the perfect grip strengtheners for both men and women.

Captains Of Crush Grip Strength Trainer

Captains of Crush Grip Trainer

If you’re a traditional gym rat that wants a traditional hand strengthener, you need to go with the Captains of Crush Grip Strengthener. These iconic and traditional grip strength trainers have been used by world class athletes and weightlifters for many years, and will help you build that iron clad grip you’ve always wanted. Since they continue to be popular with athletes since they’ve hit the market, it’s easy to see why they’re one of the best grip training devices you can buy today.

The Captains of Crush Hand Grippers are available in 11 different tensions so that you can continue to build your grip strength as you become stronger. Plus, they’re constructed out of billet aluminum and alloy steel out of the USA, which means you know they’re made with the highest quality in mind.

Whether you’re an athlete that’s new to grip strength training or a veteran with a gorilla like grip, the Captains of Crush Grip Strengtheners are a challenging and will help you build your grip strength quickly. And, if you’re focused one building your grip strength quickly, we recommend that you purchase an entire set of these best hand grippers. The entire set will help you continue to build a grip strengthening workout that will challenge you while your overall grip strength increases. Since you have an entire set of these hand grippers, you can create a grip workout progression that builds both endurance and strength in your hands and forearms.

NSD Gyroscopic Trainer

NSD Gyroscopic Trainer

If you’re looking for a piece of workout equipment that combines grip strength trainer and a wrist strength trainer in one, you need to pick up the NSD Gyroscopic Trainer. This 15,000-plus RPM Gyroscopic Grip Trainer uses angular momentum to give all of the muscles in your hands and forearms a burn you’ll never forget.

If you’re a beginner to Gyroscopic wrist training, you don’t need to worry. The NSD comes with an included pull string that makes this hand and wrist trainer a piece of cake to start up. If you want to, you can opt up for the higher model NSD AutoStart which has an auto-start feature for a couple of bucks more. Plus, you don’t need to worry about dropping NSD line of grip strengtheners because they’re made with a high quality military grade plastic shell.

The Swede Egg Grip Trainer

The Swede Egg Grip Trainer

If you’re looking for a hand grip strengthener that are simple for athletes of all ages to use, then you should go with the Swede Egg Grip Trainer. This egg shaped grip strengthener is made of high quality thermoplastic rubber and is available in three different sizes. Plus, it’s the perfect set of grip trainers for athletes who are looking to switch up their grip workout routine on a daily basis (20 lb – 30 lb – 40 lb resistance).

The Swede Egg is the perfect grip trainer for beginner athletes who are having difficulty with compound workout movements that require a strong grip. Plus, the Swede Egg’s shape allows you to fidget and manipulate the Egg so that you can build strength throughout your palms and between your fingers. It’s also a fantastic option for people using physical therapy for a hand injury as well. The soft feel and progressive resistance levels allow you to comfortably work on your grip strength at your own pace, which is why this kit is one of the best grip trainers for athletes who are rehabilitating from an injury.

Hoora Finger Grip Strengthener

Hoora Finger Strengthener

If you’re looking to build strength in your fingers, look no further than the Hoora Hand Extensor. This compact and durable finger trainer is the perfect workout band to add to your grip strengthening routine. All you have to do is insert your fingers in the loops and expand your hand to start building stronger fingers.

What’s unique about the Hoora Finger Strengthener is that it trains and develops the muscles on the back of your hands and your wrist. Instead of training your hand muscles through contraction (or the squeeze), you train them when you expand your hands. This targets the muscles and tendons throughout the back of your hands, wrists, and forearms that can be neglected through regular squeeze training. Plus, the Hoora is portable and silent, making it one of the best grip strengtheners that you can use when you’re on-the-go.

Bonus: Best Grip Strengthener to Use at the Gym

Fat Gripz Grip Strength Trainer

Fat Gripz Barbell Grip Strength Trainer

If you’re looking for a piece of grip strength training equipment to use at the gym, then you need to pick up the Fat Gripz Grip Trainers. These grip strength training devices work by wrapping around the grip of your existing weights and increasing the diameter of the barbell. Since the barbell is thicker, it forces your hands and forearms to work harder in order to maintain your grip.

The Fat Gripz are one of the most popular grip strength training devices amongst elite athletes and trainers around the world for several reasons. They’re inexpensive, they’re simple to take on and off of barbells, they’re durable due to being made of military grade materials, and most importantly – they produce results. The Fat Gripz are a simple grip training accessory to take to the gym as well because they’re lightweight and easy to add to any lifts.