9 Best Jocko Willink Books to Motivate You To Get After It

jocko willink books

These are the 9 best Jocko Willink books to read for both adults and children. Each book on this list will teach you, inspire you, and motivate you to take charge in life and “Get After It”.

Jocko Willink is no stranger when it comes to motivating people to achieve more in life. The former U.S. Navy Seal turned entrepreneur turned #1 New York Times Bestselling author is a physical and mental specimen that defines what it means to lead by example. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of Jocko Willink’s best books. Each one of these books will teach you how to lead others – but most importantly, they will teach you how to lead yourself. If you have a youngster that needs a little “pick me up”, you should pick up any of Jocko Willink’s children’s books in his best selling Way of the Warrior Kid series. They’re some of the best motivational books for young adults and will provide your teenager with life lessons that will set the foundation for them to be successful.

4 Best Jocko Willink Books To Instill Leadership and Discipline In Your Life

Discipline Equals Freedom: A Field Manual

If you’re looking to pick up a daily motivation book, look no further than Willink’s Discipline Equals Freedom: A Field Manual. In this amazing mental toughness book, Willink explains in depth how he lives the mantra “Discipline Equals Freedom”. You’ll learn all about the physical and mental discipline that Willink inflicts on himself so that live a life of true freedom. As you turn the pages of DEF, you’ll learn the strategies and tactics for overcoming several weaknesses such as procrastination, fear, and negative self talk. Willink also provides you with workout plans, diet plans, and sleep tips so that you can become smarter, stronger, and healthier as you work towards achieving your goals. It’s the best Jocko Willink book you can buy to read, find discipline within yourself, and live the life you’ve always wanted. 

Leadership Tactics and Strategies: A Field Manual

In Leadership Strategy and Tactics, Jocko Willink dives in to complex topic of effective leadership. Willink’s newest mental toughness book serves as a field manual to provide you with a direct and reasonable guide that you can refer to on a daily basis. Full of situational examples, Leadership Strategy and Tactics provides leadership concepts and shows you how to apply them on a tactical level. This is the best Jocko Willink book that’ll teach you successful leadership theories before you develop a strategy to apply them to your situation. It’s a how to guide on how to understand the leadership game, play the leadership game, and win it. You’ll no longer fear how to lead, hand out reward or punishment, deliver honest criticism or build trust with your peers when you have this leadership field manual by your side. 

The Dichotomy of Leadership: Balancing the Challenges of Extreme Ownership to Lead and Win

In the second leadership book together, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin go plunge deeper into the topic of ownership than they have ever before with The Dichotomy of Leadership. Across all of the Jocko Willink books to read, The Dichotomy of Leadership teaches you how to effectively navigate through the rough waters required from leaders when everything is not right. You’ll learn how to create strong relationships with those you lead, be resourceful with team members while holding them accountable at the same time, be humble without being a pushover, and how to be aggressive and focused with your team. Most importantly, you’ll learn all of the traits that make a great leader. By the time you’re finished with this leadership book, you’ll understand how to identify and avoid questionable decisions made by team members that steer you away from being victorious. 

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

Taking control of your life by holding yourself accountable and executing discipline is very hard to do. In Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win, Jocko Willink shows you that leadership – at every level – is the most important factor in deterring whether or not a team fails. This New York Times Bestseller dives into the heroism, hard earned victories and tragic losses that Willink and Babin experiences first hand on the battlefield. 

5 Best Jocko Willink Children’s Books to Inspire Your Child’s Inner Warrior Kid

Mikey and the Dragons

One of the best children’s books by Jocko Willink is Mikey and the Dragons. It’s a fun, captivating story about a young boy named Mikey and his journey to overcome his fears after he discovers an old book. After reading the tale of a young prince who bravely fights off dragons, Mikey then starts to understand that his fears are not as big as they seem. It’s a relatable and empowering children’s book that delivers a positive and empowering message to young children. Full of bold illustrations and actionable lessons, Mikey and the Dragons is one of the best Jocko Willink books for young children to learn about courage. 

Way of the Warrior Kid: The Coloring Book

A Jocko Willink coloring book for children? You betcha. This fun, powerful coloring book is a packed with more than 60 full page drawings for kids to get after it and color. Way of the Warrior Kid: The Coloring Book is the best way to introduce your kids to the series of Jocko Willink books for kids. It’s revamped with a simplified story line that’s easy for young children to enjoy. Once your child open the cover, they’ll be motivated to be physically fit, eat healthy, and learn more as they color their way through this inspiring storyline.  

Way of the Warrior Kid

In one of the best books for middle schoolers, Marc learns how to overcome his fears and become a “Warrior Kid” when his Navy SEAL uncle Jake stays with him for the summer in Way of the Warrior Kid. After a difficult year in school that is full of failure and being bullied, Marc is thrilled when he learns that his Uncle Jake is going to help turn him into a Warrior. This Jocko Willink book for middle schoolers is chalk full of life lessons such as hard work, dedication, adversity, and persistence. After a summer of discipline with Uncle Jake, Marc finally gets a chance at redemption when the first day of school arrives. 

Way of the Warrior Kid: Marc’s Mission

Marc’s Mission is all about finding the strength within yourself to becoming your best, especially when you’re faced with adversity. After a summer of overcoming his greatest fears, Marc is on a new mission. He now has to take all of the things he learned from Uncle Jake to help another kid in class who needs a lift. Marc’s Mission teaches kids important leadership lessons that revolve around helping out your peers and being a good teammate. It’s full of empowering messages that teach children about controlling their own destiny thro taking action. By the end of this book, your kids will understand how to exercise self control and tune out the distractions that keep them from achieving their goals. 

Way of the Warrior Kid III

In the third installment in the series, Way of the Warrior Kid III follows Marc as he enters into summer after a successful year at school. Although Marc is doing amazing in school and sports, his biggest problem is dealing with his friend Danny who beats him in every competition. Thankfully for Marc, Uncle Jake is back this summer to help him overcome his newest problem: his own ego. Way of the Warrior Kid 3 is one of the best books for middle schoolers who are trying to overcome their feelings as they navigate through life. Jocko Willink helps teach kids about maturity through the power of tackling your own attitude in this book. It’s an important book for young children to read because they’ll learn about discipline and taming their ego.

Who is Jocko Willink? 

Jocko Willink is a retired lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy who logged 20 years of service in military. In Willink’s approximately eight years of active duty service, he served on Navy SEAL Team ONE and Team TWO before he served as platoon commander. Throughout his military career, Willink completed multiple deployments to the Middle East.

Jocko’s disciplinary method for success allowed him to climb through the ranks and become the commander of Seal Team 3’s Task Unit Bruiser that fought against Iraqi insurgents in Ramadi. Willink’s leadership and dedication to his service landed him both the Bronze and Silver Star. 

After retiring from his military service, Jocko formed management consulting firm Echelon Front with former U.S. Navy SEAL Leif Babin. He also owns Victory MMA, which is an MMA and Fitness facility in San Diego, California. 

Today, Willink pushes out a plethora of discipline-teaching content on the daily. Whether it’s through his extremely popular podcast, his YouTube channel, or through his social media accounts, Jocko Willink is motivating the masses by teaching you that success boils down to one thing: discipline. 

One of the best ways for you to learn the Way of the Warrior is to dive into any of Jocko Willink’s #1 New York Times bestselling novels.

And, if you’re looking to pick up an inspiring book for your son or daughter, you can’t go wrong with any of the Jocko Willink’s children’s books series’. His five star rated and New York Times Best Selling series “Way of the Warrior Kid” is chock full of life lessons that will instill confidence in your children. 

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