The 5 Best Mattresses For Athletes That You Can Buy

best mattresses for athletes mattress for side sleepers

Rest and recovery are two of the most important things that an athlete needs in order to perform at their highest level.  Odds are, your mattress is holding you back when it comes to getting the proper sleep so that you can recover from breaking down your body and be ready for what tomorrow is going to bring.  When it comes to finding the best mattresses for athletes, there isn’t a lot of information out there for you to sift through.

However, if you’re wondering what the best mattress for athletes is out there, we have you covered. Our extensive guide will let you know which models have the best mattress reviews and what we believe to be the best mattresses for athletes that you can buy today for a better night’s sleep.

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Every year, the technology within beds gets more and more competitive. If you haven’t purchased a mattress in a while or want to get a better mattress that will allow you to sleep properly, you need to check out our list below to determine which is the best mattress for you.

On this list of the best mattresses for athletes, we cover three important aspects that allow athletes to get the proper sleep.

Top 3 Criteria For Our List Of The Best Mattresses:

Mattress Comfort

When buying a mattress, the number one characteristic that you’re looking for is the comfort level.  If a mattress isn’t comfortable, you’re not buying it because you’re not going to be able to sleep and recover. So, comfort is a huge factor in determining what we believe to be the best mattress for athletes.

What we focus on the most is the firmness of the mattress. Firm mattresses have a direct correlation with determining a good night’s sleep.

Mattress Breathability

Another important factor in determining the best mattress for athletes is the mattress’s ability to breathe.  Many mattresses made today are multiple layers of foam bonded together by an adhesive to give the mattress it’s comfort and feel.  However, the increase in using these foams can sometimes lead to companies using materials that are too hot in the warmer months of the year.  When compiling our list to find the best mattress for athletes possible, we took the mattress’s overall breathability into consideration.

Mattress Durability

Many of the mattresses on the market today claim to be backed many multiple year warranties and lifetime guarantees, but its important for you to realize that no guarantee is perfect.  Despite what the companies claim, you’re going to wear your mattress down.  However, the rate that you wear down the mattress varies from brand to brand.  We are not only going to recommend the most comfortable and breathable mattress, we’re going to recommend the most durable mattress for athletes as well.

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Mattresses for Athletes

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