10 Best Silicone Wedding Bands For Men and Women in 2020

10 Best Silicone Wedding Bands For Men and Women Athletes

Through daily life and many vigorous workouts, we’ve tested a large number of wedding rings to determine the best silicone wedding bands for men and women in 2020 that will hold up through the grind.

Every year, athletes line up and dive into one of the most exciting times in their lives as they become engaged and eventually marry their significant other. In the entire process of trying to decide answers to the millions (what it feels like) of questions that lead up to the big day, one of the most significant (and lasting) questions you will answer is “What kind of wedding band should I buy?”.

While there are a ton of options to make your decision from, as you start to move away from your big day, you might be the type of person that doesn’t like to wear jewelry. Or, you may have a lifestyle where wearing a gold wedding band or tungsten wedding band may not be realistic.

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If you’re one of those types of people, or if you simply want to keep your costs down while still showing your commitment to your significant other, you might be the type of person who’s in the market for wearing a silicone wedding band.

Silicone wedding rings are exploding in popularity amongst athletes for a laundry list of reasons. They’re practical and they’re a cheap wedding band alternative for people who live an active lifestyle. Plus, with their continuing increase in popularity, silicone wedding ring companies are coming out with new stylish designs every year.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not a silicone wedding ring is the right thing for you, we recommend reading below to learn all about them. And, we encourage you to give them a try to truly understand the durability and comfortability that these rings have to offer. We’ve also provided you the ultimate guide to silicone wedding rings so that you can decide which ones are the best silicone wedding bands for your needs.

Our list is full of wedding rings for athletes and has the perfect wedding bands for people who work with their hands diligently on a daily basis.

Why Should I Buy A Silicone Wedding Ring?

best silicone wedding bands for men and women

If you’re active and you’re hard on your hands, you need to pick up a silicone wedding band for a number of reasons. Now, you might be hesitant towards buying a silicone wedding ring, but they are increasing in popularity every year amongst athletes and active couples because they’re both comfortable and durable.

There’s a ton of reasons why both male and female athletes are switching to silicone wedding and if you fall into any of the lower criteria, we recommend that you pick one up and give them a shot. Those reasons, along with others, are a great reason to switch from a traditional metal wedding band to a silicone wedding ring.

7 Reasons You Should Buy a Silicone Wedding Band

  • If you’re active and workout on a regular basis
  • If you’re an athlete and are worried about losing your ring when you take it off to compete
  • If you have a job where you constantly work with your hands
  • If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to change up your look
  • If you want to stop worrying about losing your ring on a daily basis
  • If you don’t care about keeping up with the joneses and want a functional, reliable wedding band
  • If you’re tired of your wedding band and want to switch things up
benefits of wearing silicone wedding rings for men and women

Why Are So Many People Switching To Silicone Wedding Bands?

They’re Safer Than Traditional Metal Wedding Bands

There’s a lot of benefits to wearing a silicone wedding ring while you’re pumping iron. First off, as we mentioned before, they’re much more safer to use during a workout than a traditional wedding ring. You won’t run the risk of your ring catching on something, causing you to potentially lost a finger.

Plus, they’re flexible and when there is enough force applied to them (i.e. a dangerous accident where your wedding band gets caught), they’ll tear. Whoop dee do – you’re out $20 instead of losing your finger. That’s a win for the day.

They’re More Comfortable Than Traditional Metal Wedding Rings

Silicone wedding rings are much more comfortable as well. The bands are strong but flexible, which means that they move and flex with your grip. You won’t have to worry about your silicone wedding band clinking and tapping on dumbbell handles or any hard surfaces while you’re trying to get work done. As you squeeze your grip, the ring will flex accordingly with your hand, which makes it feel like there’s nothing on your finger in the first place.

Once you put one of these wedding rings on, you won’t even realize that you’re wearing one anymore after about a week of wearing it. Silicone wedding bands are extremely comfortable and move with your hand and you’ll forget that you even have one on as you go about your day.

They’re Durable and Less Expensive Than Traditional Metal Wedding Bands

No longer do you have to worry about scratching, chipping or damaging your expensive wedding ring (especially the ladies) when you’re trying to rep out a compound lift or go for a new PR. The best silicone wedding bands on the market are made of surgical grade silicone and are durable enough to handle any abuse that you throw at them. What’s great about them as well is that they can handle the elements on top of the abuse that you put them through too.

Plus, they’re wedding bands that are specifically designed to handle all of the rigors that active people put them through. And if by some chance you’re too hardcore and break them, many of the manufacturers offer replacement warranties or you’re out another $20. Either way, silicone wedding bands are an inexpensive and comfortable way to show the world that you’re active in your life and committed to your relationship.

Silicone Wedding Rings For Active Couples and Active People Are The Perfect Wedding Accessory

Each of the major manufacturers understand the demographic of people who wear silicone wedding rings. These companies (such as Qalo, Groove Life, Bondwell, etc.) are creating new wedding bands for active couples, for military service members, for elite athletes and for men and women who are looking for a durable and reliable silicone wedding band that will withstand everything that they do on a daily basis.

These new styles include wedding bands with different shapes, thickness, color and style so that you can accessorize your wedding band for cheap and make your look complete. Plus, on top of making new designs, these companies are improving their materials with each new line of products they release to make them more durable and reliable than their predecessors.

The 10 Best Silicone Wedding Rings for Men and Male Athletes

10 Best Silicone Wedding Bands For Men

Groove Life Wedding Ring

Groove Life Plus - Best Silicone Wedding Bands For Athletes

If you’re looking for one of the best silicone wedding bands for men who are active, you need to pick up the Groove Life Plus Wedding Ring. This tough, low profile silicone wedding ring is extremely comfortable due to it being the first breathable workout ring. Groove’s patented air ports on the interior and eased edge of the wedding band allow for air to push moisture out through minimal contact with the skin. Plus, the Groove Life Plus is made of high quality non-porous silicone that won’t break down from gasoline, oil, or other household cleaning products. If you’re looking for the best silicone wedding ring on the market today, its hard to argue that there’s a better option out there for you than the Groove Life Plus.

Qalo Step Edge Wedding Ring

Qalo Strata - Best Silicone Wedding Bands For Athletes

An early pioneer brand that makes some of the best mens silicone wedding rings available today is Qalo. And, one of their most popular silicone wedding bands is the Qalo Step Edge. It’s made of Qalo’s patented high quality Q2X silicone material that takes more than 22 lbs of force to break and is 10x more resistant to gasoline, oil and other solvents that you may come in contact with on a daily basis. And, the Step Edge comes in a variety of different colors and designs so that you can match your silicone wedding ring to your personality.

Bondwell Silicone Wedding Ring

Bondwell - Best Silicone Wedding Bands For Athletes

One of the most durable silicone wedding bands for men available today is the Bondwell Gravity Wedding Ring. It’s extremely tough due to it’s hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone that takes nearly 45 pounds of tensile strength in order to break it. The Bondwell Gravity Wedding Ring is contracted with the company’s “Hydrobead” technology that repels water and is a silicone wedding ring designed specifically for men and women who are workout warriors. They’re also one of the best silicone wedding bands for men who are constantly working at an active job and hold an active lifestyle on top of that. Simply put, this ring is tough and its probable the most durable silicone wedding band for men who need a wedding ring that can withstand constant abuse.

Barbell Bands Silicone Wedding Ring

Barbell Bands Silicone Wedding Bands

One of the best men’s silicone wedding rings for weightlifting is the Barbell Brands Wedding Ring. It’s the perfect silicone wedding ring for men who love to lift weight and it’s has a unique design that’s great for both the weight room and a night out on the town. It’s slightly domed ergonomically design is extremely durable made up of a 2.5mm thick medical grade silicone. It’s crosshatch pattern inspired from the knurling pattern on barbells is a hit amongst athletes and gym enthusiasts as well. 

KAUAI Men’s Silicone Wedding Ring

Kauai Silicone Wedding Bands

One of the most popular silicone wedding bands for men and women are the Kauai line of wedding rings. They’re available in more than 30 colors that give a brushed matte finish that looks like metal. Plus, they’re one of the most durable silicone wedding bands you can buy with a needed 43 pounds of tensile strength to break them. They’re also heat resistant up to 400 degrees and are relatively inexpensive. If you’re looking for a silicone wedding ring with a unique design, then the Kauai Timeless is the wedding band for you. 

ENSO Infinity Men’s Silicone Wedding Ring

ENSO Infinity Silicone Wedding Bands

If you’re looking for a men’s silicone wedding band with a unique message, then you should go with the Enso Infinity Wedding Band. It’s made of a hypoallergenic silicone that is infused with Enso’s ring avulsion technology so that your finger is safe from any accidents. It’s one of the most stylish silicone wedding rings for men with its unique infinity design  that represents an unwavering commitment to your significant other. Plus, Enso Rings come with a lifetime guarantee. If you ever break it, all you do is send it in and Enso will send you another one back. 

4LIFE Silicone Wedding Ring

4Life Silicone Wedding Bands

One of the upcoming silicone wedding bands that is rising in popularity amongst men is the 4LIFE Diamondback Wedding Ring. It’s made of high tensile strength silicone that was designed by a mechanic, so you know it’s tough. On top of its industrial grade strength, the 4LIFE is made of a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone that comes in a unique textured diamondback design. It’s tough, fashionable and one of the most uniquely designed silicone wedding rings for men today. 

Qalo Strata Wedding Ring

Qalo Strata Silicone Wedding Bands

Some of the most fashionable silicone wedding bands for men available are the Qalo Strata Wedding Rings. This fashionable line of rings from Qalo features two layers of contrasting ComfortFit silicone that features an engraved pattern throughout the ring. The Strata’s unique design also makes the ring easier to slide on and off while adding breathability and durability due to its engraved dual layers. It’s 32.7 pounds of tensile strength make the Strata one of the more durable men’s silicone wedding bands you can buy too. 

MAUI RINGS Silicone Wedding Ring

Maui Rings Silicone Wedding Bands

If you’re looking for a cheap men’s silicone wedding ring to try out for the first time, then you can’t go wrong with the Maui Rings Silicone Wedding Band. The Maui Ring is one of the most heavy duty silicone wedding rings you can buy today. It’s made of skin-safe, hypoallergenic medical grade silicone that is both waterproof and durable. For what you’re paying, you’re getting one of the most premium silicone wedding rings for the price. You’ll be satisfied and confident right from the moment you put this ring on your finger. 

THUNDERFIT Silicone Wedding Ring

THUNDERFIT Silicone Wedding Bands

Lastly, but certainly not the least is the ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Bands for men. When it comes to the ThunderFit, they’re one of your best options for a cheap silicone wedding ring. They’re hypoallergenic and made in some unique colors and finishes (our favorite is the camouflage). If you’re on a budget and you want to try using a silicone wedding ring, then the ThunderFit would be a fantastic option. Plus, if you like switching your rings frequently, you can buy a 7 pack of them for a fraction of the cost more than what a single ring costs. They’re one of the most reviewed silicone wedding rings on amazon with over 4,000 five star reviews as well. 

Which one is your favorite from our list of the best silicone wedding rings for men and women in 2020?

We hope that you gained some knowledge about silicone wedding bands and wedding rings. There are a ton of unisex options on our list that will leave you satisfied and comfortable as you rep it out on a daily basis trying to be your best self. It doesn’t matter if you’re pressing and cleaning in the gym or if you’re hauling lumber for your next project build – these durable silicone wedding bands will withstand the abuse and the test of time that you put them through. So, take the leap. Pick one up and see what all the hype over silicone wedding bands is all about.