The Geno Auriemma 100 Dollar Bill Test Is A Fantastic Way To Teach Athletes About Work Ethic

geno auriemma 100 dollar bill test for athletes

The Geno Auriemma 100 dollar bill trick is a phenomenal test you can give to your athletes to teach a very important lesson about work ethic.

When it comes to winning, there are very few coaches out there that no what it takes more than UCONN women’s basketball Head Coach Geno Auriemma. With more than 1,000 wins in his career, including 11 NCAA National Championships and 23 30-win seasons in the past 25 years, it’s not hard to understand that he has  a solid formula for success.

Recently in an interview, Auriemma shared some of his coaching expertise when he was asked about how to deal with players who show up to practice and going through the motions.

“I have a thing that I do sometimes with coaches and players in clinics” said Auriemma. “You call them up and you say to a kid ‘Okay, I want you to run from here to the end line and back’.

Geno explains that as the player comes back from finishing, he puts them through the ‘Geno Auriemma 100 Dollar Bill Test’. In his test, he pulls a $100 bill from his pocket and shows it to the player. He then tells them that if they can make it to the end line and back within 10 seconds, he’ll give them that $100 bill.

He explains that as the kid explodes off of the line and takes off on their way back, just before they reach the finish line, Auriemma will shout out “10!!!”.

“They just get so upset that they don’t get the $100, because they’re like ‘I ran as fast as I could!’, and I say ‘I know you did. The only problem is that the only reason why you did it is because I offered you $100. When I said the first time to go from here to there and back, you went at your pace. Now, you went at the pace that I want you to go at.”

It’s an important lesson to teach kids, especially today, who look for superficial reward in satisfaction of knowing that they did a good job. Whenever you can teach a young player that the will to be your best comes from within, we always give it our ‘spongecoach seal of approval’. 

You can watch the full interview to find out how to implement the Geno Auriemma 100 dollar bill test below.

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