5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Growth Over Comfort

5 reasons to choose growth over comfort zone

Here’s a few reasons why competitive people always choose growth over comfort and why you should too.

We’ve all heard about operating in the dreaded “comfort zone“. It’s the zone where we feel safe, happy, content, and operate in a stress-free manner. Simply put, it’s the zone where we feel as if we are living the dream. Physical stress, mental stress, worries and fears don’t creep in your head. Instead, when we’re in the comfort zone we feel calm and content about the place that we are in.

However – despite all of this fantastic feelings that we can experience with our “comfort zone”, competitive and successful people avoid it like the plague.  They instead decide to venture into the world of physical and mental stress instead of operating within their wheelhouse. 

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So why do we choose to venture into the world of pain, failure, and challenge instead of hanging out in our safe spaces? 

The reason why successful people take themselves out of their comfort zone is because they value personal growth over comfort. They understand the adages of “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” and that “you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets”. Successful people realize that the reward you experience from pushing yourself outweighs being comfortable by far. 

If you want to be successful and choose growth over comfort but don’t know why you should start, here’s 5 simple reasons why you should. 

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Seek Growth Over Comfort 

To Achieve New Levels of Success and Make Continuous Progress

When you decide to choose growth over comfort, you’re following your desire and curious try to improve upon yourself. You understand that in order to achieve success, you have to push yourself beyond your breaking point and fail. 

Success comes from repeated failure by pushing yourself beyond what you believe you’re capable of. When choosing growth over comfort, you need to be aware that you’re about to enter the world of suck. Initially, you’re going to want to quit and will work until that little voice inside of you tells you that you’ve reached your end. It’s your duty to tell that little voice to shut up and to push yourself past that voice as it screams louder and louder for you to stop. 

That’s where your real growth begins. It starts in that initial moment when you decide to tell your inner voice to pipe down and work harder than you did before. 

To Develop Your Skills and Mental Willpower

If you’re only going to work until you stop feeling comfortable, you’re never going to improve yourself. When we decide to work hard until we feel uncomfortable, we are constantly conditioning our minds to stop when real adversity hits us.

When we decide to choose growth over comfort, we decide that we can reach new heights and push ourselves past our perceived ceilings. You need to understand that the limitations you put on yourself are garbage. You have no idea what you’re capable of because you haven’t pushed yourself to levels you can’t imagine. You’re so much more capable than you believe. And, when you choose growth over comfort, you have to make the additional choice that all limitations you have in your mind are irrelevant to your growth. They simply do not matter.

All you need to do are two things: Push yourself as far as you can outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis and accept that whatever physical or mental limit you put on yourself is garbage. You can – and will – always do more than what that voice tells you to do. 

To Change The Environment Around You 

Are you currently happy with where you are in life? Do you have absolutely no reason to get up and change your life in a positive manner?

Of course you’re not and of course you don’t. 

The reality is that most of us are unsatisfied with the current state we live in. We want more in life, but we play mental gymnastics to try and find out the secret to changing it for the better. 

The reality is, there is no secret. 

If you want to make your life better, you have to push your life in order to make it better. You have to push it in a positive direction so that you have a beneficial impact on the environment and the people who you surround yourself with. When you decide that the status quo is simply not good enough, you’re making the decision to choose growth over comfort. 

And, when you surround yourself with the right kind of people, they will follow your lead and join you in pushing themselves too. That’s because they’re motivated and want what’s best for the group. It’s engrained in our DNA. And, you’ll see that when you take that risk, the reward far outweighs it. You start to create a culture where you’re surrounded by a group of people who push themselves to become the best because they want what’s best for the collective group. 

To have new experiences and opportunities 

When you choose growth over comfort, you’re making the decision to take chances in order to experience new things. You’ll not only experience new personal bests, but you’ll also experience growth from broadening your horizons. And, you will see that you’ll open yourself up to new people and be more open to change. 

When you’re more open to change, you experience more opportunities in life as well. You’ll start to see yourself grow and realize that stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t that scary at all. The hardest part about choosing growth over comfort is taking that first step into into growing. You will become familiar and comfortable with suffering, have an open mindset to trying new things, and develop yourself towards being better in a daily basis. 

To Become in Control of Your Own Destiny and Inspire Others

Inspiring others to achieve more in life is an empowering feeling. It makes you feel like you’re serving a purpose and that you’re helping those around you to become better versions of themselves. 

When you choose growth over comfort, you’re showing others that you’re deciding to be in control of your own destiny. And, you’re also showing them through daily incremental progress that changing yourself for the better is absolutely within your reach – you just have to make the choice to take that step each and every day.

When you continually set goals and decide to work relentlessly towards them, you communicate to everyone around you that you take life seriously. You show them that you want to be the best and that you have the maturity to stick with achieving it. You have no idea how great it is as a coach to see someone who inspires the people around them to be better for themselves. It’s a powerful thing. 

When you choose growth over comfort, you’re doing just that. Even though you may not realize it, your actions are inspiring the group of people around you to raise themselves up as well. Which in turn, makes for a very difficult team of rockstars to beat, no matter what adversity is thrown their way. 

So when deciding if you want growth over comfort or comfort over growth, you need ask yourself one question:

Do you have the maturity to realize that pain is progress and mental toughness to push through your ceiling everyday?

If you answer yes, then get after it – Go out and push yourself until you think you can’t go any farther and then go another 50% farther. You’ll see that there is an endless world of possibilities out there when you decide to choose growth over comfort. 

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