Must Watch: Netflix’s ‘Losers’ Profiles Athletes Who Try To Triumph After Agony of Defeat

netflix losers

Netflix’s ‘Losers’ inspirational sports docudrama dives into the lives of athletes who have suffered tragic defeat and explains how they used it to change their lives.

Losing Sucks. Period. And, it especially sucks if you’re an athlete.

Odds are, if you were an athlete, you’ve celebrated winning since you’ve been cruising around your living room in diapers. You’ve reenacted the “two seconds left on the clock, tie game” scenario when you gather up the gumption and triumph over your opponent when the game is on the line. And, the celebration after is oh so sweet.

However, as we grow up and funnel into the world of competitive sports, we tend to find out that the moments of always hoisting the trophy tend to drop in frequency. If we’re lucky enough to make it to a championship game, there’s a high likelihood that we will experience defeat. And, as we continue to create our path in life and travel down our journey in athletics, we experience defeat and disappointment quite more than we ever thought we would.

Netflix’s new series, dubbed ‘Losers’, is here to show you that just because you experience defeat, it doesn’t mean that you have to become defeated. The sports docudrama dives deep into eight different spectacular sports failures (in eight different episodes) and features in-depth interviews with the individuals who ended coming up short when everything was on the line.

Each of the eight episodes highlights so-called “Losers” and how their moment of failure ended up labeling who they were in the public eye, long after they experienced their defeat. But, what makes this docudrama so unique is that each episode tells a different story about how losing affected each of those athlete’s lives. From their stories of tragedy, you’ll learn how they have triumphed over the label that they’ve been trying shake their entire lives from the moment that their loss happened.

Important Learning Lesson from Athletes in Netflix’s Losers

Although the series highlights the agony that athletes experience from collapsing when everything is on the line, each of the episodes provides you with a better-than-expected conclusion. The important lesson that that the series tries to drive home in an underlying subliminal message is that there is more to life than losing. The show educates you that there is much more to life than a single game, competition, or event that has “defined” your athletic career.

We’ve all had those terrible moments of defeat, at no matter what level, that we look back and say to ourselves “that was the moment that I knew my career wasn’t going to pan out”. If you’ve ever thought that way in life, whether in sports, business, or your relationships, what ‘Losers’ is going to teach you is that its a bunch of garbage. ‘Losers’ shows you that no matter what happens to you in life, your failures are not what define you as a person or as an athlete.

‘Losers’ shows you that life isn’t over when you lose. It just becomes redirected. And, life always continues to move forward as long as you allow it.

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