Recruiting Tips: What To Do If You Don’t Live Where Players Get Recruited

college recruiting tips to help increase chances of getting recruited

Here’s 5 simple recruiting tips for you to follow to help you get recruited when you live or play in an untraditional market.

Whether you live in one or not, there are recruiting hotbeds throughout the country. They exist, and they continue to get bigger every year. As a matter of fact, only five states produced more than 50% of the best college football recruits in the United States over the past five years. And, it’s not just happening in football. It’s happening in sports all across the board. Each sport has a different hotbed, however these hotbeds exist and players and parents are flocking to them every year in droves.

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If you happen to live outside of these recruiting hotbeds, don’t get discouraged. It’s not the end of the world. It just means that you’re going to have to put in a greater effort in order to be seen buy these coaches that recruit in these hotbeds. Don’t panic, come up with a plan to be seen, and execute that plan. Fortunately, athletes are living in a very technologically advanced world today and it helps level the playing field for those athletes that do not live in these hotbeds. All you need to do his focus on everything that you can control.

Just make sure that you follow these five essential tips and attack this plan with a ton of enthusiasm and resiliency. You’re going to have to be resilient and persistent because the odds are that you won’t see results right out of the gate. However, what you will do in the beginning is put yourself on these coaches radars. And, with hard work and an infectious attitude, we are almost certain that you will find a coach that will start a dialogue with you.

Step #1: Getting recruited means making a bigger list

Listen, everyone knows that you want to play for the best school possible School possible. Since you were a child, you’ve been dreaming about playing on the big stage and wearing the colors of a powerhouse school. You’ve dreamed of playing for national championship your entire life. However, if you’re looking to get recruited from a region that doesn’t traditionally get recruited, you’re going to need to broaden your list of schools to increase your chances of playing collegiate Athletics. You’re going to be facing a ton of competition when it comes to getting the attention have a big-time school. As a matter of fact, many of those schools already have very deep recruiting lists and know who they want to take.

Instead of focusing on the big-time schools, you’ll need to make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to become noticed by a school. So, create a much larger list than the one that you already have. Start reaching out to smaller schools or schools that you are partially interested in so that you can have more options on your board. Don’t think of it as settling for a school that you don’t want to go to. You need to think of it as a strategic plan to get your foot in the door to play collegiate Athletics. You don’t want to focus too much on playing for the biggest school, you want to focus I’m playing at that level first.

Step#2: Create a Dialogue So That Coaches Come Watch You Play

There’re so many athletes out there that think that recruiting is all about dominating so much that you become noticed by a big-time school. That mentality could not be farther from the truth. College coaches are extremely busy and have limited time to go recruiting each season.

So, what they try to do is strategize and come up with a recruiting plan that maximizes their time and resources. What you need to do his get your face and name on their. That means you need to reach out to college coaches and start a line of communication. Once you establish a relationship with some coaches, you can come up with a plan to have them watch you play in person.

That means you either tried to convince them to come watch you play, or you find away to go to them. Fortunately there are several options that are usually available for prospective college athletes that want to be seen. This usually comes in the form of camps, combines, and player showcases so that you can be seen. For many college coaches, nothing beats watching a recruit compete in person. If the coach loves watching you play in person, you’ve just overcome one of the biggest hurdles in getting your foot in the door and name on the map.

Attending camps and combines can be expensive. One of the best recruiting tips we can give is that you need to do your homework and decide which camps will give you the most exposure and best opportunity to be seen. Making sure that you strategize what camps you will be attending is one of the recruiting tips that gets overlooked by a ton of athletes. You need to visit the websites of all your potential camps as well and determine how many coaches will be attending those camps.

Also, you should reach out to coaches that may be in attendance before you attend the camp so that they put you on their radar. Coaches are much more likely to remember your name and that you contacted them before hand if they become impressed with your play. It’s not being annoying, it’s all about opening a line of communication to get your foot in the door.

Step #3: Make an Impressive Highlight Video

You may be able to raise eyebrows with stats that are off the charts. However, you’ll raise even more eyebrows when I coach can see your skills on video. If you really want to impress a coach, you need to make an impressive highlight video.

If you’re coming from an area that doesn’t get recruited, your highlight film is going to be the most important tool to put you on the recruiting map. It’s what will get you noticed and is one of the biggest recruiting tips that college coaches can’t stress enough to recruits. That’s because coaches do not have the time or the resources to travel around the country and watch all of their potential recruits play in person. Your highlight video Will be the pivotal Factor and whether or not you become recruited.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We have an entire process and a list of equipment that you can get in order to create a highlight video that will impress college coaches. The steps will show you how to collect enough video so that you can create and continue to update your highlight film as you get older and improve. Past game tapes and other videos from people that may have some of your playing clips are a great starting point to create an impressive highlight video.

In addition, you need to make sure to update all of current academic information and athletic statistics to show coaches that you’re on top of your game. It solidifies that what they’re watching is your latest and greatest – and it helps erase any doubts that they may have about the video being outdated.

When it comes to our recruiting tips on making your highlight video, just remember this important rule: Treat your highlight film like it’s your academic and athletic resume. It’s going to be your first impression you make on a college coach.  Make sure its professional, informational and humble.

Step #4: Take Advantage Of Social Media & Email

Don’t lose the opportunity for a $100,000 scholarship over a tweet, status update or wall post.  It’s not worth it. Make sure that all of your social email account are squeaky clean.  College coaches will do their homework on you when you land on their radar.  And, if your social media isn’t in line, then they won’t even consider you.

What’s the big deal? Well, your social media profiles are a gauge of your character and shine a light on what type of person you are.

According to a study, more than 85% of college coaches perform an online search and check the social media pages of their recruits. And, approximately 20% of schools have negated an offer that they’ve given to a recruit because of negative content they find online. You need to make sure that your social media pages are clean and professional. They are a great tool to follow coaches from schools you’re interested in and communicate with them about everything.  You just need to make sure to keep your pages clean so that they form the right impression of you.

When it comes to email, make sure that you utilize it to your advantage.  Email can be a fantastic tool for you to utilize in talking to schools. One of the most overlooked recruiting tips is to make sure that you have a professional email handle too.  Usually your first and last name are what to go with – don’t use one that has a childish name.

One of the best recruiting tips we can provide is to show college coaches that you’re more mature than the athletes that you’re competing against.  You must kleep coaches up to date on a regular basis, send them clips and express your gratitude for the opportunity in speaking with them. It’s the difference maker that will put you on the map.

Step #5: Make Sure You’re On Top Of Your Grades

If you want to make a splash with college coaches when you don’t live in a recruiting hotbed, you need to make sure that your grades are not only up to par.  You want to make sure that they’re going to impress.  That means taking care of business when it comes to your grades.  You can’t slack off.

Look at it this way – You’re coming from an untraditional market that doesn’t get recruited much because it’s off the traditional path. That means that a college coach is going to be skeptical about the competition you’ve been playing against. They’re going to wonder if you can hang with the big boys.  Whether you agree or not, your academics play a huge part in whether a coach is going to give you attention or not.

A talented player from an under recruited area with phenomenal grades will tip the scale when compared to a player with a slightly lesser ability from a recruiting hotbed.  College coaches want the best players possible, but at the same time they want the RIGHT players. They want the players that they know are going to handle their academic business so that they can stay eligible and represent the program in the right way. You can be coached to become a better player, but you can’t be coached to be mature and have discipline.  You either have it or your don’t.  And, coaches at the highest level don’t have the energy to try and bring it out of you.

Follow these five recruiting tips so that you can increase your chances of being recruited. Just make sure that you stick to the game plan and apply yourself on a daily basis.  When you show college coaches that you’re mature and on top of your game, you’re making yourself that much more attractive in their recruiting pools.

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